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I’ve talked about many things in African-American News& Issues over the past year, but one of my most interesting topics is the conversation about sex. I guess everybody gets a rise (no pun intended) in talking about how others feel about this human form of extracurricular activity. Since this is a family-oriented newspaper where thousands of people turn to us daily for sound advice, I feel it is my civic duty as the literary theologian to give our readers updated news on how folks (particularly women) relate to sex in 2016. Therefore, in order to prove that what I’m reporting is not just yo average dosage of “bull-shiggty”, I took it upon myself to do some research using scientific methodology where my hypothesis are developed, tested, and either proven or disproven.

My sample pool consisted of more than 100 women whose ages ranged from 30-60. I didn’t use anyone younger than that because I decided to save them for my next Spiveytorial entitled “Freakology 101”. We ain’t got time for that right now. The first thing I did was to conduct a poll asking the participants a couple of questions. The first was: “How important is sex after age 30”? Here are some of the responses:

It’s a VERY important factor. Keeping sex spicy at all times and listening to each other’s needs is absolutely necessary. One thing to remember is “the same way you got them (your mate), is the same way you gotta keep them”. Cree (30s)

Sex is of UTMOST importance! My relationships won’t last without it…” – Anita (30s)

Sex is important for any married woman in her 30s. That type of physical touch is necessary for survival.”– Tia (30s)

I can go without”– C Anonymous (30s)

Many women answered with a simple “very important” to the question. Others used “extremely” to define the importance of sex. But, eventually some of the ladies got a little “crunk” with their answers:

Sex is very important. Its okay to get “it” as often as you can. It turns out to be quite a workout when you get older; you just have to take your time. In some cases older females hardly ever want to be “touched”, but my advice to them is to don’t stop; keep on going until yo doctor orders you to slow down! Sex is good for your health when you’re older because your options are limited. It’s all about “positions” and “timing”. – TW (30s)

Come correct or don’t come at ALL!!!” –Ewa (40s)

Mark, speaking for someone who has hit all of those age ranges (30s, 40s, 50s), SEX is a very, very, important part of any relationship. There are circumstances that might diminish someone’s desire, (i.e., illness, problems in the relationship, a partner’s lack of attention, etc… However, as I’ve gotten older the frequency hasn’t changed nor has my desire to please my partner. You may have to go up in numbers and ask those ladies in their 60s and 70s. – Tray (50s)

Pipes bust under pressure!” Sex is extremely important because it creates balance in a marriage.”Vaq (40s)

Something happens to a woman’s body after she turns 40. She feels sexier and more free…” – Colleen

Not every woman polled placed sex above honesty, commitment, and trustworthiness, but they did agree that it’s important to maintaining a healthy relationship with their mates. “Sex in your 20s and 30s is so hormonal”, said DW, a woman in her 40s. “Now, sex after 45-50, THAT’S WHAT’S UP!” I think I’m starting to get the picture…

My second question was: “Have you ever broken up with someone who didn’t satisfy you sexually?” Tune in for the answers and reasons why later this week.

God bless, goodnight, and keep yo families together.