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LaRachelle Smith, Danielle Hairston-Green, Jakari Bates, Phillip Swaby

PRAIRE VIEW – The College of Agriculture and Human Sciences recently completed a leadership apprentice initiative that seeks to empower students for life beyond college. The Student Leadership Apprentice Program (SLAP) puts a spin on the typical student worker experience by offering leadership training in addition to their traditional work duties.

Students who were selected for the pilot program participated in a daily leadership practicum, three focus groups, and completed a program evaluation at the end of the semester. During the course of SLAP, students held meetings with seven members of the executive leadership team of CAHS to gauge their opinions, thoughts and understanding regarding several areas of leadership.

The goal of this program is to groom students to be ready for leadership opportunities in the field of agriculture upon graduation, navigating through the workplace that is generationally different, in addition to supporting traditional text book mastery,” said Danielle Hairston-Green, a coordinator of the SLAP program.

The students were also responsible for disseminating the impact of the work done in the College to internal and external audiences by way of the College’s Marketing and Communications department.

According to Hairston-Green, the participating students were responsible for completing a Personal/Professional Leadership Plan which outlined their vision and goals. The plan allowed students to outline their reflections as well as the insights and new leadership perspectives gained from the program.

Hairston-Green and SLAP co-coordinator LaRachelle Smith traveled to Tuskegee University earlier this month to present the findings of the program during the 71st Professional Agriculture Workers Conference.