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img_2647Houston – Often times, as humans, we tend to judge a person by their appearance and not by their character. This happens more than it should because a person’s looks are the first thing an individual will see. However, the talented and phenomenal Grammy Award winning singing group The Temptations said it best when they stated that, “Beauty is only skin-deep.” Although a person may look pleasing to the eye on the outside, they may not have a pleasing character on the inside. But what if you could have both? LAMIK Beauty, which stands for Love and Makeup in Kindness, is the first eco-chic makeup brand, which gives women a healthy platform to build on, which includes beauty, confidence, integrity, and so much more.

Kim Roxie, the founder of LAMIK, made it known that the company believes that “beauty is revealed and not applied.” The company does not make women beautiful; they simply reveal the beauty in a woman. The company started 12 years ago in Sharpstown Mall, and after fours year there, they relocated to where they are now, which is located in River Oaks. They have continued to grow, and they plan to continue to expand not only as a company, but within their message to the world as well. The company is also a black led company and Roxie made it known that being a young African American entrepreneur wasn’t always easy. People didn’t always take her serious, and didn’t believe in what she was trying to do. Now, Roxie looks back and reflects on how those trials and tribulations were just stepping stones to get to where she is today. Although LAMIK is a makeup brand, Roxie identified LAMIK as being an empowerment tool.
She expressed, “When you look at our packaging and you see LAMIK there, that’s like seeing the word beauty, or strength, or resilience…it’s an empowerment type of word and it reminds you to reveal your beauty in everything that you do.” LAMIK is makeup with a message. Its makeup that can reveal your beauty through the message that the company is trying to convey. Many people come to the store to purchase their products they do retail their products in the store. People also go to get a service done which can range from eyelashes, eyebrows, to people getting their makeup done as well, which is one of their top services. They also extend their location for those who would like to rent their store for a photo shoot, party, book signing, etc.img_2649

In addition, they do have an online store where people can shop and have their products mailed directly to their requested address. LAMIK has been featured in national and international magazines, and they not only have local customers, but customers from Canada, France, Columbia, and London just to name a few. There are many makeup companies all over the world that sell great products, and you may be thinking, what makes LAMIK different from their competitors? Well, they are Paraben free. According to the U.S. Food and Drug administration (, “Parabens are commonly used as preservatives in cosmetics.” This chemical has been a debatable topic because many believe that it is linked to breast cancer, and other health issues. Despite the debates, scientists are still trying to gather information in regards to those claims.

In addition, the company has gluten free lipstick. Roxie stated, “Whatever you put on your lips, you eat. If you’re suppose to be gluten free, and you’re not wearing gluten free lipstick, you’re subjecting yourself to gluten.” They also use post-recycled paper (75%) in order to make their packaging. It is eco friendly, but the packaging is still glamorous. Last but not least, their product is all about women empowerment. If you want to be beautiful then you can just where any makeup brand, but if you want to be beautiful with character, then I dare you to try LAMIK. For more information about this company, you can visit their website at LAMIK Beauty 2610 Greenbriar Houston, TX 77098 United States