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lacySince 1992, Chamber member Evelyn Lacy has been providing some of the best tasting vittles this side of the Pecos for events at the Acres Home Chamber for Business and Economic Development Inc.

A member of the chamber herself, Lacy has seen it grow from humble beginnings into a respected organization with a mission of keeping business in the community and preparing current and future business leaders for tomorrow.

“It has been a real shot in the arm to this community,” she said. “The efforts of this chamber put Acres Home on the map and changed it from just country to city status.”

Lacy has been cooking since she was 6, starting in her mother’s kitchen. She cooked her first meal as a little girl while standing on a stool.

“I enjoy cooking with my mother,” she said. “It carried over into adulthood along with all my family recipes.”

She is semi-retired and only cooks and caters for chamber events, but for years she toiled in her own business feeding thousands wonderful meals at Lacy’s Restaurant.

However, she said it was the work and mission of the chamber that made all the difference in the world in her business.

“It was the word of mouth from the people in the chamber that helped my business grow at the time,” she said. “It is very important for businesses to have chamber where we talk to one another and help build one another up.”

She is very proud of her work, but says she is slowing down after many years in the kitchen whipping up good meals.

Some of her main meals served include chicken, fish and healthy soul food items. She also has some great recipes for cakes.

At the Silver Anniversary chamber event, she served a meal that included tender steak in strips, a special mixture of cheese and potatoes, vegetables and a special tasty cake dessert.

Lacy said her prayer is that the chamber will continue to grow and develop and that some Black owner will decide to come into the community and open a nice restaurant for the people living in Acres Home.

“Other chambers have come and gone while some that are still here (in Houston) are doing absolutely nothing,” she said. “I am proud that this has been a group of people who are genuine, active and upfront and have proven that there are good Black businesses in the Black community.”