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“I have been in theater and in entertainment since kindergarten…and for the past 15 years, I have been doing professional theater here in Houston and abroad,”


expressed Liz Rachelle, who is the founder and CEO of Glorious Image Productions. Her company is dedicated to helping others reach their dreams, and is known to provide opportunities for new and experienced artists. Liz has performed in over 40 theatrical plays, musicals, and productions across the United States. She has produced two theatrical productions The Christmas Encounter, and It Is Finished. “I have a passion for theater because you’re able to really express a different character. You can embody and live in a different character than who you really are…I love the creativity about theater.”


It Is Finished is a theatrical epic drama, which gives you insight to the life of a man who was hated and loved by many. It also gives you the insight of this man who went into the depths of darkness to change the whole course of history. With this play, you can expect a lot of glitz and glamour, singing, dancing, and it is an interactive play as well. The show has 50 cast members, and it is an all Black cast. In addition, all of the music from the play is original. “It’s exciting and it gives you the opportunity to experience new talent in Houston as well.”


The concept of the play came from Liz Rachelle’s faith. “I have a passion for my faith…with that passion, I wanted to tell the story of Jesus and how he walked on earth.” The vision of this play came to Liz back in 2007 about Him traveling the world in theater production. She wrote the play in 2012, and everything began to manifest itself from there. Since 2012, the production has been performed three times, and has had over 2,000 people see the show. “We all go through battles, and we all have our ups and downs in life…what I want people to take from this play is that there is always hope…if you keep pressing forward and believe that you are not by yourself.”


Some obstacles that Liz has faced is to just keep going and not stop even when things aren’t what they seem like they should be. “When obstacles come up… you can’t give up, you can’t quit. You have to keep going because there is a vision and a purpose behind what you’re doing. There is a calling on your life so you can not give up when things get hard,” Liz stated. In addition, because the play has a huge cast, dealing with different personalities can be challenging as well. She also has to make sure that all aspects of the play are taken care of as far as dancers, singers, band members, actors, costume design and etc. “Its been a challenge, but its been a beautiful challenge.”


The advice that Liz has for those who want to step into acting and production is to get trained. Even though she recommends training, she doesn’t mean go spend thousands of dollars at an expensive school. She expressed that people should seek opportunities that are small roles, or gigs that may not offer any forms of payment. “A lot of issues that I see with a lot of young actors is that they always expect to get paid… you have to be willing to get opportunities that will help you build your resume so that you can get to those other opportunities that will pay you.” She recommends that people can participate in Community Theater or even go to different auditions to build experience. More importantly, she made it known that if people are in it for the money, then they are in it for the wrong reason. They must have a passion for what they’re doing.


When asking why people should come see the play, Liz expressed that this production exposes a lot of awesome talent in Houston that hasn’t been seen or heard before. People will also be impacted from this play in a positive way, as the message is a strong one. “In the past years that we’ve done it, we have had people in the audience that were sick in their bodies, and they left the production healed…this is a testimony that we have received.” They have also had people who were going through things but after they saw the play, they were transformed by the production. With so much going on in the world, and in our African American community, this play will give everyone hope, and the encouragement to not give up. For more information about the play, you can visit this website www.


Play Information:

The Living Word Faith Center

7900 W Fuqua

Missouri City, TX 77489

July 2017

14th-16th & 21st -23rd


By: Chelsea Davis-Bibbs