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Publisher of Groves Standard

The dictionary definition of Democracy is, “government that is run by the people who live under it”. The United States is a democracy.  Since the last presidential election, however, one of the most frequently asked questions in America has been “How does a person win America’s highest government office in an election where the “winner” lost by over three million votes?”  The people of America spoke with their loudest voice in a democracy—the vote.  And yet, here we are.  The person who lost by that huge number is now President Donald Trump.

From my research on this subject, the reason Trump won was because of an antiquated UN-American, anti-democracy, dangerous “rule of law” in our U.S. Constitution.  This threat to our modern democracy is the Electoral College which was created by Southern States to control the more populated Northern States.  Slavery of African Americans was a major issue behind crafting the Electoral College System in our U.S. Constitution. We eventually answered the problem of slavery and became one “Nation under God”. Now is the time for all Americans—“We the People”— to come together and dismantle this horrendous process which can turn a loser into a winner. Ask yourself if you think any legitimate government in the world, would let a person who lost their election by 3 million or more votes, become its elected leader.  Unless you live in Syria, North Korea or some other crazy dysfunctional Hitler-like nation, the answer is NO!

How do we adults explain the dysfunctional and ineptness of the Electoral College to the young people who are our future?  More importantly, how do you explain this to Americans voters who voted against Trump, and to the people of the World who view America as the leader of the “free world”?   Our democracy has checks and balances which were put into place to protect the rights of the people. Consequently, we have the ability in America to amend or remove the antiquated Electoral College from our U. S. constitution.

As I wrote this article, I noticed a marked difference between the most recent Presidential Election and the 2000 Presidential Election.   In 2000 when Democrat Al Gore won the popular vote by a half million votes over Republican George W. Bush but still lost the election, a lot of people were frustrated and angry with the Electoral College of 2000, but eventually not much was done to address the issue.  This time, however, things are different.   It seems that a giant has been awakened, that giant is “We the People”.  The American people who have a problem with the manner in which the will our nation is being subverted by the Electoral College are fighting back.   “We the People” are organizing on all political levels and creating a movement which I believe, will ultimately the change the voting system in America.

The press, which is a hallmark of democracy for “We the People”, has a very important role in reporting the facts relative to amending or repealing this racist process.  All of our U.S. Institutions are threatened by the Electoral College.  The time is now to end the Electoral College System of selecting our U.S. President.  In the words of the African American social reformer and statesman Frederick Douglass, “Power concedes nothing without a demand.  It never did and it never will.”

Well, be it resolved that “We the People” are prepared for a long hard battle and whatever it takes to win that fight.  God Bless America!