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By: Chelsea Davis-Bibb, M.Ed.

With everything that is going on surrounding our President, none of it surprises me. I hope you’re not surprised either. Many people, especially our professional athletes are upset by the recent words of our President, and they have every right to be.


Even if you aren’t a professional athlete, you have the right to be upset at our “Commander in Chief.” I believe the comments were rude, disrespectful, derogatory, and unacceptable for a person who is leading our country. What example is that for our nation, more so for our youth?

How much more are we going to take of this blatant disrespect? When will enough be enough? Many NFL (National Football League) teams and NBA (National Basketball Association) players responded to the President in different ways. In recent games many NFL players took a knee during the national anthem, some didn’t even come out of the locker room, others raised their fists, and some locked arms. I must say, I do have a lot of respect for how the Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals demonstrated unity and equality while respecting the American flag and what it represents before their game on Monday Night Football.

Yes, many feel as if President Trump has caused a great divide in our nation, and I agree. However, we must look at what he’s doing. He’s pushing us back together in some ways. Maybe this very thing needed to happen, so American can truly get back to some form of unity.

His recent comments just went too far. He angered not just one group of people, but all people. People of different races, political views, and so forth. Now that many are affected, they are not letting the President get away with any of it. But I have to ask. What about Colin Kaepernick? You know, the player who protested against racism, hatred, and police brutality. The player who kneeled during the national anthem and was ridiculed and severely criticized. The one who lost his job and hasn’t been picked back up since. Yeah, let’s not forget about him.

Whether his actions were right or wrong during his time of protest, many other players have now done the same thing that he has. Have they lost their job? No. Why is that? If anything, they need to bring Kaepernick back and give him another opportunity to play the game he was once great at.

It isn’t fair, nor is it right how he has been treated. He stood for something and he wanted to make a point. Just like many people within the NFL and NBA are doing.

This is not a fight about color, it’s about humanity. It’s a fight about respect, order and decency. It’s going to take more than the NFL and the NBA to make things right. Everyone needs to speak up. From Congress, to political figures, to community leaders, and even people who make up the community. We all play a part, and we all can be part of the change that needs to occur. We are so much stronger together than divided. It’s about time that we are realizing that.

America has always been great, but we can be even greater.