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When I first started writing, speaking out and standing up for people who were being abused, killed and their civil rights violated, it wasn’t a very popular stance with a lot of my own people; but I knew I had to do what God had instructed me to do.  As a matter of fact, I was attacked in the media through the mail, the phone and the internet by those folks who didn’t agree with me.  If you fast forward from the time I got started to our current time, it’s like night and day. That’s why I use the term “I was an Activist before activism wasn’t cool.

There was an old country song that was named “I was country when Country wasn’t Cool”, was where the reference form this article title came from.  I’m not a minister or a Bible theologian, but I know that there is a Bible verse which says “ My people perish for lack of knowledge”.  A lot of the people who are involved in our current fight for freedom like “The Black Lives Matter movement, were not around when I began my activist role.  I was inspired by people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Fredrick Douglass, Nate Turner, The late writer Bud Johnson of Houston’s African American News and Issues, Sojourner Truth, the late Earlie Marshall Groves and many others.  The knowledge I got from those people inspired and informed me about what had happened in the past to our people and what we needed to do in the future to survive.  With what happened in recent years with the Trayvon Martin murder and many other high profile racial tragedies; the people of America including a whole new generation of Americans of all races, religious and different background ethnicities have become aware of our nation’s malfunction.  Freedom Fighters, Freedom writers, activists and others who are standing up for citizens who are under attack are viewed as heroes by a majority of Americans these days.

Activism and activists are as American as the NFL, NBA and other sports.  The words and information of modern day activists are respected by our nation.  I will end this article saying:  My late Mother Earlie Marshall Groves instilled in me and her children the fact that sometimes things that are popular or “cool” are not always the best for the people.  I learned about Bud Johnson when he was writing for the Forward Times Newspaper in Houston, when I was a very young boy from my Mother.   She knew she was teaching us about things that were not popular at the time; however, she understood that if we wanted to help our people get to a better situation in America, we had to represent a cause “Freedom Fighting” which wasn’t popular or “cool” at the time.  God Bless America.