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I recently came across an interview of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan that was not only interesting, but also filled with sound advice regarding how African-American women can help African-American men flourish in today’s world.

Now I am fully aware that the name Louis Farrakhan has stirred up a host of ugly charges such as anti-Semitic, racist, religious charlatan and the list goes on and on. Despite what others feel about Minister Farrakhan, there is little doubt that he and the men within the Nation of Islam, particularly the Fruit of Islam, have continually displayed one of the most impressive images of manhood that the African-American community has ever witnessed.

Despite what many would like to think, the development of Manhood is nearly a scientific process that includes a host of ingredients. According to a recent interview given by Farrakhan, one of the most important ingredients in the development of strong Black men are the contributions of Black women.

In response to a question regarding his wife and her role in his development, Minister Farrakhan responded in the following way.

When you have a woman by your side who does everything she can to support you in your work, and as a wife, to speak to you when you need correcting or to make it clear to you where she is dissatisfied, but always in a loving and respectful way, that is what helps a man to be a man.

As always, Minister Farrakhan’s words are efficient and packed with tons of insight and wisdom. Far too often we hear a familiar lament from many African-American women that goes as follows: “Where are the men?”

Far too often there is a misunderstanding regarding the ‘development’ of Manhood, most are unaware that the process is on-going throughout a man’s entire life. Now there are males who have no desire to become men. This editorial is not intended for them. for all intents and purposes, they should be considered a lost cause and traitors to the cause of racial uplift. Put simply, they do much more damage than one could ever imagine for the race.

I am referring to those who desire the cloak of manhood. It is this population that our women should focus upon because they provide her a path to display one of her greatest powers; propelling her man to unconscionable heights that he could have never achieved without her aid.

I only wish that more sisters found quality male’s with the desire to be strong Black men so that they could implement Minister Farrakhan’s advice and ‘do everything she can to support him in his work’, ‘address him, in a respectful and loving way, regarding matters he is incorrect upon and could improve upon’. According to Minister Farrakhan, that is how ‘sisters’ could help the Black man be a man.

I can personally attest to the damage that a non-cooperative partner can have upon one’s life, it is stifling and suffocating. Instead of cooperation, they intentionally create moments of discord, rather than speaking in a respectful and loving manner, they say things that are intentionally designed to incite an uncontrollable rage. Put simply, many ‘relationships’ within our community are combative and therefore far from loving and supportive. Amazingly we are then surprised when our home’s, the building bloc of any nation, lay in ruin.

I am quite certain that there are many brothers who are currently imbued with a sense of pride and righteousness as they perceive this to be a backhanded slight at the ‘sisters’, they are in as much error as the ‘sisters’ who have allowed their expectations that this is a ‘typical’ post aimed at disrespecting them to override their engagement with it. If you have read this piece and have come to that conclusion, either you need to increase your reading comprehension or I have failed at my task.

I was simply sharing some advice from a wise man regarding a path that he has already traveled with his beloved partner. I only wish that more of us, men and women, could be so lucky.

Dan Freeman