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Affordable-Care-Actby Honorable Al Green TX 9th Dist.

This January, we saw an additional 1.2 million people sign up for health coverage, bringing the overall total to an estimated 3.3 million people since the opening of the federal online market place.

The Affordable Care Act is working and can work even better. It is working for senior citizens by closing the doughnut hole, which requires them to pay more for pharmaceuticals; it is working for persons under 26 years of age by allowing them to stay on their parents’ insurance policies; it is working for people with preexisting conditions by allowing them to get insurance coverage; and it is working for all persons covered by providing them with preventative care.

It can work even better if our state of Texas would accept the $100 billion Medicaid Expansion. This would provide healthcare to an additional 1.5 million Texans. It would work even better if Navigators are allowed to do their jobs and enroll more of the 2.4 million eligible uninsured Latinos. This could reduce healthcare costs.

The Affordable Care Act provides healthcare that actually works for you before and after an illness, and it will work even better when we put people above politics.