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I once read an old African adage that said

Until the wild animals in the jungle get their own media or storytellers, tells of the hunt will always glorify the hunters.”

Well the same thing happens to every group or race of people who don’t have their own media. When writers and media don’t tell the truth about the accomplishments, endeavors and hardships of certain groups or races of Americans; especially those people who have been historically abused and still succeed. In my mind this is a huge problem, because this is where the mystery part of history transcends real and factual history.

As our current president Donald Trump often describes parts of our modern day media as “Fake News”. This narrative of “Fake News” is made true when biased or even racially prejudiced writers and media people present their version of facts as true history. These people do a disservice to the people they are reporting about and they do a severe disservice to America and its place in world history. Ask yourself, is it “History or Mystery” that Black people were brought to America as slaves? According to a recent presidential candidate for America, who boldly told the news media, Black people came to America as immigrants. Everybody with knowledge of American history knows that is a complete lie. However, some incompetent reporters, writers and media people, reported it and put their tainted version of facts as true history.

At a recent speaking engagement I told an audience of people about the importance of honoring and recognizing positive people. I went on to tell them that people and institutions which have advanced the progress of their lives and their community deserve to be recognized. That news must be told to people, not only will it inspire them—it’s true history not mystery.

The late great journalist Bud “The Old African Warrior” Johnson of Houston, one of my mentors and source of inspiration once said,

You can’t depend on the oppressor’s lines of communication to uplift your people”.


Bud understood that we have to have our own lines of communication to get our message out to the public in a true way. He also knew history and mystery as well as mass confusion were being entangled by certain media people for nefarious reasons.

The Groves Standard Newspaper started in 2010 also continues to serve the purpose of separating Mystery from History. We and many more outstanding news publications–Black, White and Brown have the same agenda. Although we can’t change all of the “Fake News” and mystery contents from the past, along with the current incorrect news outlets, we can do the right thing and that is “tell, show and report the news correctly”, which will eventually get the truth and right information to the history books not the mystery books.

God Bless America!