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The theme for the 2017 Malcolm X Festival is, ‘Don’t Give Up On Our Youth, Educate! Educate! Organize!’ celebrating the energy, potential and genius generated by our young folks. The free festival will take place Saturday May 20th, from 11a.m. to 7 p.m., inside the Glendale Shopping Center, located at 4466 S. Marsalis Ave., Dallas Texas 75216.

Organizer Akwete Tyehimba says, “Malcolm X is a mirror of many of our youth today, portraying a negative personality that they know is not them. They are crying for us to help educate them about their history and culture, and to help transform their current negative reality and future. They can look to Malcolm X and know that they too can go from being one of the worst, to become one of the greatest leaders in world history”.

With all the negative images and stories of young folks in the media, the Malcolm X Festival Committee made a decision to shout out to our youth that ‘we’ believe in them, ‘we’ are here to help, and that ‘we’ know that ‘we’ made it ‘only’ because our community elders didn’t give up on ‘us’, thus ‘we’ will never give up on them.

Unlike festivals dreamed up over corporate marketing meetings this festival continues to swell from its community’s heart, just as it did 43 years ago when it sprang from a nascent South Dallas grassroots alliance.

The day long free festival will celebrate the legacy of Malcolm X, African culture and bring to communities of color important and relevant news and information. Along with a marketplace, food, live bands, poetry, children’s oratorical contest, face painting, percussion instrument making corner, Math is Me; learning the African seed counting game Mankala, debut film of ‘Message to the People’, and other cultural arts projects.

The festival will also address issues such as the criminal justice system, housing and land issues, food equality, movement building, and police brutality.

Featured performances by; Barri Pearson Band, Inner City All-Stars, Sir Tones, Bro. Shawt, vocalist Mahogany Miller, vocalist Modupe, Poet Leo Hassan, Reilford Children’s Dance Company, and a host of other artists.

The 2017 Malcolm X festival is sponsored by The Pan-African Connection Bookstore, Art Gallery and Resource Center and City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs. It is free and open to the public. For more information contact 214-943-8262.