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Dr-Chargois-pic2Darwin Campbell, African-American News&Issues

Beaumont- Like the Ballad in the Wizard of Oz, the students, teachers, taxpayers and activists are singing the song, “Ding dong the Wicked Witch is dead” as they close the very turbulent chapter of history with Dr. Timothy Chargois.

In a statement from BISD, the statement read, “The Board and Dr. Chargois have entered into the agreement, believing it is in their respective best interests and in the best interests of the district. The Board extends its best wishes to Dr. Chargois in his future endeavors.”

The district announced his official resignation as Superintendent of Schools for the Beaumont Independent School District and the intentions for both to go separate ways.

However, according to district information, Chargois’ resignation agreement includes receiving three months of his salary, which comes out to more than $50,000.
Before the state takeover, Chargois had submitted his resignation and wanted an exit package worth $245,000. He also wanted the resignation to to be effective October 31, but later rescinded that resignation letter.
The Texas Education Commissioner installed a board of managers to replace the elected board of trustees on July 21 and one of the managers first votes involved the proposed termination of Chargois.

Chargois has been under fire and was eventually replace because of a financial mismanagement scandal that rocked the district and was followed by several arrests. Now the district is struggling and navigating several financial challenges that have it working overtime to save teacher jobs and provide adequate educational services for students while trying to stay afloat.

After his termination, the managers accepted Chargois resignation and authorized the district’s lawyer to start negotiations for a separation agreement.

Reaching the agreement allows and gives Dr. Chargois the freedom and ability to pursue other interests.