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HoustonRushion McDonald grew up in 5th ward- also known as “the nickel” or what he calls “the ghetto”. For reasons such as crime, poverty, and economics, 5th ward has traditionally been labeled as undesirable living area. In other words, many may think for a split second- likely without speaking it- that if a child lives and goes to school in “the nickel”, then it is likely a nickel they shall earn in life. Fortunately, Rushion McDonald’s success cast shame on such thoughts. Throughout his career, Rushion co-created radio hits like “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” and negotiated major book deals with Harper Collins Publishers for Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man; Straight Talk, No Chaser: How to Find and Keep a Man; and Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success. Rushion also negotiated and was Executive Producer for hit movies like “Think Like A Man” and “Think Like A Man Too,” served as Executive Producer of “Steve Harvey’s Big Time” and “The Steve Harvey Show,” and was a Consulting Producer for the highly-rated, syndicated game show “Family Feud.” On his own, Rushion has produced “The Jamie Foxx Show,” “The Parkers,” “Sister, Sister,” and ABC Network’s “The Arsenio Hall Show.” He was Executive Story Editor of “The Parent Hood,” and has produced reality TV shows like “Mobile Disaster,” “Pulled Over” and “Mr. Rooney’s Barbershop.” Because of his work in TV and radio, he won the Living Legends Entrepreneur Award, as well as both a Daytime Emmy Award and the NAACP Image Award, and has been inducted into the Personal Managers Hall of Fame.  McDonald is now giving back through his radio talk show Money Making Conversations, which is showing “regular folks” how to achieve success as well.

 Money Making Conversations airs weekly every Monday from 11 am-1 pm CST on KYND 1520— featuring celebrity interviews illuminating business planning, career insights to success, lifestyle entertainment, and advice to empower people on their path to success in everyday life. For the last two years, Rushion McDonald had been doing the show on His Facebook page. Now, every 4th Monday the show welcomes a live studio audience in KYND studios. In the most recent studio production, the guest on the show featured gospel legend, Yolanda Adams; CEO of Codeblack films, Jeff Clanagan; Dr. Teresa Price of National College Research Foundation; Attorney Benjamin Crump– popular from working on the Trayvon Martin trial; and others who contributed to the conversation about business knowledge.

McDonald repeatedly discussed matters according to the essential purpose of the radio show. He passionately claimed that, “the purpose of this show is to break down a lot of walls.” Unfortunately, many people don’t believe they have what it takes to be successful in business. As a result, those same people never take calculated risk because they assume failure from the start.


Yolanda Adams had much to say about business as she sells her own brand of coffee, in which her slogan is “wake up with Yolanda.” In addition, Adams discussed with the audience one of her motivations for the creation of her beauty products Simply Yolanda. She stated that, “I was inspired to create products based on what I was going through,” speaking on her skin as she aged. She continued, “God told me to put mer (Crème de la Mer) in my product.” Adams also claimed her beauty products helped women with eczema heal.


The show also looked to educate and inform from a standpoint in legal disparities toward minorities. Attorney Benjamin Crump- nationally known for working on behalf of Trayvon Martin’s family after the teen was murdered- discussed his new show Evidence of Innocence, in which he is collaborating with Rushion McDonald. Crump aims to illustrate to viewers that “justice is anything but equal in America.”  Crump stated that many Blacks and Hispanics spend decades behind bars for crimes they did not commit. He ended, “we too deserve our due process. We are American citizens and we want our constitutional rights protected too.” Essentially, Benjamin Crump will be taking a legal and moral fight to the television, which hopefully will help to eradicate a callous attitude towards the legal injustice practiced on minorities.


Rushion McDonald’s talk show brings hope to minorities looking to “work smarter not harder.” That is, his show is a platform for those seeking information and ideas about how to be successful in your own business. In addition to business, McDonald’s talk show will likely continue to discuss issues that impact minorities in Houston and across the country. With the level of success that Mr. McDonald has achieved, it is truly a blessing to have a man give back to his community, instead of just achieving and leaving.

For those looking to quit the 9-5 because you feel you can’t survive without calling in sick every month, please tune-in every Monday to receive the insight of business professionals. If this picture were to be painted as a biblical reference, it would suggest that an angel has come to aid and support those in need.