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According to an interview outlining President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office, with Washington Examiner’s, Sarah Westwood; he described efforts that he and his team have put into action. In it he said,“I would say communication would be a little bit less than an A because I don’t think we’ve gotten the word out what we’ve done because I think we’re so busy getting it done that we’re not talking about it.”

While Trump seemingly grades the skills that he and his team possess on an over-extended curve, it appears that his team has no problem with communication at all. In fact, it may just be the communicative actions demonstrated by his people that once again have him looking even dumber than the job he does in doing that, for himself. Furthermore, it could be concluded that Trump is right to some degree; seeing as how he does a far better job communicating criticism in regards to the legacy of former President Obama. In which case, he spends so much time belittling the first “acknowledged” Black POTUS; that it is nearly impossible to share what HE has actually done for the American people.

Nevertheless, Kenneth P. Vogel of the New York Times documented his findings of an overheard conversation with two members of Donald Trump’s legal team. He notated while gathering for lunch with a colleague, he found himself in the middle of what he titled an “accidental scoop” amongst the pair. Ty Cobb, a member of Trump’s legal team was involved in a “heated discussion” with John M. Dowd. Dowd was secured as a lead attorney in assisting with handling the Russia investigations that the POTUS has been under scrutiny for some time now. The two were having brunch at BLT Steak, a local eatery in the Washington area. These high-profile lawyers were in a public place having lunch, discussing what should have been “classified” details and business on the president’s behalf. But here they are conversing out in the open as if they were at a high school football game, of some sort. How clever?!?!

These two personalities give an all new meaning to the famed line,“Dumb and Dumber

But I am one to believe that nothing happens by accident and there is a reason and a purpose for everything that takes place; no matter how senseless it may appear or be. Therefore, it has caused me to take this line to another level. It is no secret that the legal cabinet that Trump has composed is obviously ignorant in the area of good ole’ fashion, “common sense” as some would suggest. But then again, as my wife always says,“Common sense ain’t all that common, if everybody ain’t got it!”

Well it is apparent in this current presidential administration, that the President’s legal team appears to be about as dumb as he is.

In my opinion, it’s not much that can really be said about the actions displayed by Donald Trump’s lawyers, because their personality and ways of handling business definitely runs parallel with his. Just as in the editorial regarding Trump’s father that I presented a couple weeks ago, once again the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It is expected that people that associate with the president and some of those that he employs, will act in a way that is similar to his. Thus making this title, “Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest”,extremely relatable for these three Wise Clowns.

For nearly an hour, Vogel listens to the comprised White House strategy for the President’s Russian investigation. Through this carelessly open dialogue, the reporter was able to confirm the division that lies amongst the President’s legal team. He noted that, “they discussed presidential privilege and its effect on document production, tensions on the legal team and their colleagues.” Vogel continued on to share, “Mr. Cobb suggested one colleague was not on the president’s good side, but added, ‘I’m trying to get the president not to pick a fight with her’”. All I can think is you have to be mighty dumb to have a conversation of this sort, in such an open place.

Concluding, I would like to echo the words of the man himself, Donald Trump. In praise and adoration for the teams that he has working under his umbrella, he once told the Associated Press the following. He said,“I have different teams. I think my military team has been treated with great respect. As they should be. I think my other team hasn’t been treated with the respect that they should get. We have some very talented people.

As talented as Mr. Trump thinks that the teams that he has gathered are; they certainly make a slew of dumb decisions in regards to handling “official” and “classified” business; including affairs of his. My only question is that if Trump thinks that the job and leaders he has put in place to help him run this nation are talented; what in the world is this country in for over the course of the next few years? That’s if, we even make it that far under his guidance and administration.