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conradmurray5HOUSTON – Dr. Conrad R. Murray is a free man. He was sentenced  to four years in prison but only served two years in jail for killing Michael Jackson, Murray didn’t spend an extra minute in jail.  According to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. … Murray was released at 12:01 am Monday.  However, he did not make a triumphant walk out of jail. Murry, instead choose to sneak out away from media, photographers, and people who either wanted questions answered or to hackle him about being released early.

By remaining unseen, Murray obviously knows he raises the price tag of that coveted first interview with him.  A group of hecklers was clearly irritated they were not permitted to voice their disdain face-to-face and took it out on Murray’s lawyer, Valerie Wass. As for why the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. made the accommodation to keep Murray’s release secret. The good doc has been locked up since November ‘11 after being convicted of  manslaughter. As we previously reported Murray plans to try and get his medical license back in Nevada and block revocation in California sources say he doesn’t stand a chance. In 2006, Dr. Conrad R. Murray opened the Acres Homes Heart and Vascular Institute.

We have been so lucky to have Dr. Murray and that clinic in this community,” Houston patient Ruby Mosley told People magazine. “There are many, many patients that thank God this man was here for them.

Those who have had financial dealings with the doctor, however, might feel otherwise. Unpaid debts, lawsuits, and tax liens have followed Dr. Murray’s life. In fact, it was Dr. Murray’s debt situation that set the stage for his working relationship with Michael Jackson. Reports indicate that, Jackson began making plans for his upcoming 2009 concert tour, he hired Dr. Murray to be his personal physician for an astounding $150,000 a month. Jackson’s motivation to bring Murray aboard, though, may have had less to do with friendship and more to do with the singer’s own complicated reliance on prescription medicine. In the months that followed the pop star’s death, Conrad Murray’s working relationship with the singer became not only the target of irate and shocked Jackson fans, but police investigators as well.

Around that same time, news reports indicated that Dr. Murray was soon going to be charged with manslaughter, something that was heightened on August 24, 2009, when preliminary findings revealed that Jackson had died as the result of lethal levels of propofol. Although in recent news “Conrad Murray is convinced he has what it takes to follow in the footsteps of the pop great he is responsible for killing.” Said ex- bodyguard of Murray’s, Jeff Adams.Murray thinks he can make it as a singer in the future.” Murray is said to have hired a publicist to help change his image. Freedom will clearly also have its challenges.