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Have you ever seen how people act at football games when television cameras are in their faces? Athletic venues across the country feature a variety of “Kiss-Cam” promotions where unsuspecting couples (or innocent patrons) are flashed on the “Jumbo-Tron” in hopes of enticing them to kiss each other in front of thousands of delirious fans. Even the POTUS and his lovely wife got in on the action a couple of years ago during a NBA game. Sasha and Malia had to make the President cooperate because he was too busy enjoying the game and wasn’t paying attention to all of the hoopla surrounding him. Michelle Obama was just sitting there patiently waiting for him to respond. To the delight of their daughters and the spectators, Mr. President (with his smooth ass) planted an appeasing kiss on our FLOTUS. It was no biggie. He’s been to a NBA contest before. After that, it was back to the game…

My mother used to tell all of us to “act like we’ve been somewhere before” when taking my siblings and me out shopping or somewhere “special”. She didn’t want us embarrassing ourselves or her with inappropriate behavior. “The only way people know how smart you are, is when you open your mouth…” she would wisely say. Momma Spivey was/is a smart woman. I often wonder if other parents across America forewarned their children on how to behave in public like my mom did us. When I got older and started having children of my own, I just shared those tidbits of knowledge with them, too. We learned our (life) lessons well.

On the flip side of that, ignorance is a character trait that does not bode well for people who like being in the spotlight all the time. It’s a painful reminder that you are lacking something that you should be naturally gifted with: Common sense. Many people don’t have it.

During the “Great War” which would be later known as World War I, a German soldier would be incarcerated by his own military for disobeying orders and radical behavior. While in jail he wrote the Communist Manifesto glorified by racist groups called “Mein Kampf” (“My Struggle) in which he blames the ails of German society on the Jewish people. Written in 1923, five years after WWI ended, this book outlined his political ideology as well as plans for a future Germany that was devastated by its defeat in the war and subsequent punishment outlined in the Treaty of Versailles. Once out of jail, a determined and rhetorically-gifted Adolph Hitler would help the German people rise from the ashes and turn them into a powerful industrialized nation. They loved, worshipped, and later on feared him. Had he stopped there, he would have probably gone down in history as one of the most brilliant leaders of his time, but he kept running his mouth. He would later write a check that his ass couldn’t cash at the expense of the lives of millions of Jewish people murdered during the Holocaust.

He built a “fence” called the Berlin Wall that kept “undesirables” from German society and he preached nativism throughout the land. Millions of Germans adored him as his indoctrination of hatred for the Jewish people started with children in the public schools system. Anyone who wasn’t German-bred was deemed undesirable and would be exiled, worked to death, or murdered in concentration camps across Europe. World War II would spell the end to his reign of terror as Allied troops snatched his plans for a “Third Reich” (World Power) from under him and restored Europe to peace; for a little while…

Donald Trump is the front-runner for the GOP nomination as the 45th POTUS. Though, not new to controversy and participation in this political process, Trump has run for President before but not THIS seriously. He’s run 2 or 3 times before, however, Americans never quite considered him serious presidential material; to the ordinary citizen he was just a “horse and pony” sideshow; a billionaire who had everything he ever wanted and could afford to waste a few millions toying with the idea of becoming the richest president ever elected. But now, he has become Republican Party’s top “jackass”.

Mr. Trump has been on television and in the limelight many times before. There is no need for his mom to instruct him to “act like he’s been somewhere before”. He should know better. However, now that he’s being considered a “serious” candidate, ole Donald is taking advantage of his time on the “Jumbo-Tron”. The only thing prohibiting him from being a shoo-in for the nomination is that hole in the southern part of his head called a “mouth”. But like Hitler, Trump has managed to rally his people with the same, similarly eerie rhetoric that’s cast a dark shadow on the citizens of Germany even till this day.

He’s talked about building a “wall” that will keep Mexicans out of America and ramping up the military to Pre-Cold War standards. He’s accused American-born Muslims of celebrating during the 9/11 attacks in New York while evoking vivid memories of anti-immigration propaganda not heard of since the Red Scare. But more than that, Trump’s promise to make America “great again” sounds like what Hitler vowed to do and accomplished in Germany minus one important fact: In the eyes of the world, America has not EVER been “un-great”. (That’s the best terminology I could come up with at the moment). It’s funny what billionaires will say when they are in front of television cameras. He even called another Republican candidate, Carly Fiorina (a woman) ugly. Well, he could be right about that one…

Donald Trump has never been this outspoken and ignorant. He’s definitely out of character. I can’t put a finger on it, however, because if he wins the nomination more than likely he’ll be running against his good friend, Hillary Clinton. He and Bill used to hobnob all the time when Hillary was Secretary of State. It makes you wonder if he’s just setting up the GOP for a big “I was just playing; I don’t wanna be no damn POTUS.” Wouldn’t that be ISHY? Just give his ass a Snickers Bar. I bet he’d turn back into someone we’ve all seen before in presidential elections; Good ole Ross Perot.

Mark Spivey