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The Standard View
By: Billy “Hollywood” Groves who is also the Publisher of Groves Standard Newspaper

As a man of God, I truly understand you must forgive evil people and for what they do and for what they have done.  I also understand that you must not ever forget what these evil people are doing or have done. As a historian, activist, freedom fighter and writer, I can clearly see the similarities between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler!

Adolf Hitler started his evil hate filled racist Nazi Empire by dividing the people of Germany against each other.  Donald Trump started his presidential campaign with racist anti-American insults, tweets, and dehumanizing people dividing hateful statements.  Adolf Hitler attacked the press and the established news media, he suppressed any news that was not supporting “with loyalty” his Nazi Socialist Party.  This allowed his reign’s murderous terroristic behavior to go unreported. Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked America’s media including CNN calling them “Fake News”, while trying to promote his inappropriate, crazy beliefs into reality.  Adolf Hitler was an open racist who pushed the idea of White Supremacy over everyone and everything he encountered.  Donald Trump has openly supported White Supremacist groups his entire political career.  Some of those racist groups were led by well know White Supremacist David Duke.  Adolf Hitler had a “Build a wall mentality”, to keep everyone who was not a white supremacist out of Germany.   Donald Trump has confronted Americans who don’t look like him and believe in him, with mass deportation.  “We will build a wall” was one of Trump’s main campaign promises.

There’s another saying that stated “If you don’t know your history, you may fall victim to the negative part of history.”  Now is the time for Americans of all colors and religious backgrounds to do what the people of Germany under Hitler couldn’t do.  We must impeach this president while we still can.  We must remove this unstable evil man from the highest governmental position in America.  There is so much at stake concerning the future and wellbeing of our nation. I’m talking about stopping something evil, that could possibly have a worse effect on the world and America than the Nazi Holocaust.

Special thanks go out to U.S. Representative Al Green from Houston’s 9th District who publicly has asked for the Impeachment of President Donald Trump.  I congratulate, applaud and pray to God for all of the brave courageous people who are opposing this modern day “Monster Dictator.”

California Billionaire Tom Steyer a white man has started a website “Need to that has a strong stand for our people.  Tom Steyer understood the danger our nation was facing under Trump when he started that impeachment of Trump website.

I truly believe the words of anyone opposing President Donald Trump will not be falling on closed ears.  We know this is our time in life’s history to do the right thing and remove this man from office. As I write this article, I’m watching Trump speak to a group of loyal supporters, who seem to really enjoy it when he speaks vulgarly, racist and un-American.  This is the same way Adolf Hitler conducted himself when he spoke to his core group of supporters.  The followers of Hitler and Trump had to show that they were loyal to them and had undying support for everything they did.

Remember America is a free nation, if we want to stay free and continue to be the strongest most respected nation on the planet.  We must do the right thing and put a “real dedicated American citizen with human compassion” in the White House.

God Bless America!