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Demetruis LaJuan Syon, II, 26, was born on June 12, 1990 in Houston, Texas to Juanita Lewis Syon and the late Demetrius Syon.
Her was affectionately called LaJuan, Papoose, MeMeech and Little D, which he answered to all of them. He was baptized and a member of The Church Without Walls under the leadership of Pastor Ralph D. West, Sr. since the age of four.
LaJuan attended Southwest Prepatory School, Dominion Academy, Cypress Falls High School and Houston Community College.He enjoyed lifting wieghts, cooking, running and going to the movies with his mother. He also enjoyed making eating utensils of wood such as spoons, and bows and arrows. LaJuan was an avid reader of history, nature and politics (C-Span), he was currently reading Oliver Stone’s book “The Untold History of the United States”.
LaJuan believed in a healthy eating lifestyle and preferred growing his own vegetables but he loved bacon and Shiner beer.
Demetrius LaJuan is survived by his mother Juanita, sisters Eveln Syon and Tonya Hawkins (Andre Sr.); brother Eric Whitehead and Kevin Provo; grandparents Pearl Syon, Alvin and Yvonne Lews; aunts Debra Ruffin, Patricia Austin (Paul), Pamela Desselle (Harold),Sherri Peugh, Mona Lisa Holcomb (Curtis), Bridgette Syon; uncle Christopher “Jojo” Syon (Shirley), a favorite nephew Donovan Whitehead of Kentuckey; nieces, nephews and a host of relatives, friends and church family.