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Statement by CWA Vice President Claude Cummings, head of CWA’s Human Rights Committee. Cummings also is a leader in the Fifth Ward Missionary Baptist Church and chairman of the Deacon Board in Texas.
President Trump’s executive order violates the U.S. Constitution with its call for “religious liberty” for some at the expense of all Americans.
Today’s action directs the Treasury Department to look the other way when it comes to the enforcement of tax regulations for a select group. The Johnson Amendment, and the entire tax code, must be applied equally to all, not used as a political favor.
Employers cannot be permitted to have a voice in the personal health care decisions of women based on religious belief. Employers cannot use the guise of “religious liberty” to cause harm to others and discriminate against them.
This executive order is dangerous because it establishes “religious liberty” for some at the expense of true religious freedom for all. That should be of great concern to all people of faith because it shows how easily the government can move against a religion that’s “not acceptable” to some groups.
We are a nation of every faith, culture and creed, all protected by the U.S. Constitution. We must fight against actions that look to give special standing to some beliefs at the expense of all of us.