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By: Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher of African-American News & Issues & Author of column series We MUST Understand

I was reminded of a thought that I have presented to our readers on many occasions, as I pondered on the recent events that have taken place within our nation in regards to mass shootings. Watching the reactions of many people, including POTUS expound on the issue; it just a relayed the constant reminder that what is,

“Criminal for US is,

Justice for Them!”

It never ceases to amaze me how the crimes of different races of people are categorized, according to varying birthrights. The level of sympathy and compassion delivered to our White counterparts is exceedingly, far above that, than any other race of people that reside within the melting pot of these United States. In terms of killing: When it is a White person responsible for the crime, somehow, the reasoning is always associated with mental health issues and disease; when a Muslim commits mass killings of Americans, it is considered a terrorist attack; and when Black folks are at fault , well then we are just being Black. Because if we were to accept the myth of this society and how it portrays People of Color; the thought is conveyed that Black folks, inherited a criminalist gene, just by being born into this country.

The racism, bigotry and unjustifiable tactics that Africans in America have underwent since its inception of these United States, is a norm within our current society. In fact, it is an unspoken and accepted way of life for us. Though things are accepted and expected, it does not constitute that this is the way that life should remain. We Africans living in America, live in a very unbalanced and hypocritical democracy. This is the very reason that African-American News&Issues, has existed and will continue to. As Texas’ widest read and circulated publication, we hold true to a mission of addressing, current and historical realities affecting our communities. As such, this topic is very befitting for the tone. Because we have witnessed throughout the course of history in this nation, that what is,

“Criminal for US,

is Justice for Them.”

As it relates to the topic at hand, mental issue is the excuse for it all. In the most recent mass shooting, twenty-six people were slain when Devin Patrick Kelley, exploded firearm with a semiautomatic rifle into a worship service at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas. I always have to drive the point of our people understanding the personality and character traits of POTUS. This is relevant because, though, some people regard him as a lunatic for his expressions and viewpoints. We MUST Understand that, POTUS represents a broader majority of many, who sit quietly, yet still support his views. Immediately following the aftermath of the Sutherland Springs mass shooting, he did not waste any time faulting mental health at first indication that a White man was the culprit.
In a news conference held in Japan he responded to the incident. He said, “Mental health is your problem here. This was a very, based on preliminary reports, this was a very deranged individual, a lot of problems over a long period of time. We have a lot of mental health problems in our country, as do other countries.” Though POTUS was swift to justify the cause of mental health issues, he avoids the fact that he has attempted to further disable gun control reform. While on a mission to destroy the legacy of former President Barack Obama’s, one of Trump’s first assignments came by way of repealing an Obama administration rule. He repealed the rule that blocked gun sales to some people with mental health diagnoses. As a leader, he chose to put his personal motives before the lives of American citizens, simply because he is a racist. That element is equally confirmed with largest plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which fortuned mentally-diseased Americans the opportunity to afford and acquire help for their mental issues which was previously not possible.

According to an article written in, Newsweek by John Haltiwagner, White Men Have Committed More Mass Shootings than Any Other Group. He stated that, “The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history was shocking in scale – but it wasn’t a surprise that it was committed by a White male.” He further referenced data from Mother Jones, who found that; “since 1982, the majority of mass shootings- 54 percent – were committed by White men.” It is a sad realistic norm of this nation that mental health issues only affect our White counterparts, when it comes to committing crimes of extreme magnitude. Truth be told, there are more psychotic African-Americans sitting on death row and imprisoned for crimes, than what could ever be fathomed in the typical American mind. But it is seemingly, an acceptable excuse and justifiable explanation when a White man decides to load up ammunition and go blasting on the largest group of gatherers that he can find. Being possessed with mental health issues does not bring any comfort or relief to the families of victims affected by these devastating acts of enormous monstrosity. But once again what’s, “Criminal for us, is Justice for Them”.