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cover17 By Erica Davis,

Recently, something happened in Acres Homes that had not taken place before. The Harris County Constable of Precinct One, Alan Rosen, hosted a basketball tournament at a local church, New Life Tabernacle, where over 200 kids played amongst each other along with law enforcement. There were 3 different tournaments happening at once, and yes, Constable Alan Rosen did play. Along with the Acres Homes Community, volunteers, deputies, and Constable Rosen played good, clean basketball. His team would lose twice, getting eliminated, but so would some of his opposition as 3 teams from three different age groups would display dominance, beating the competition and representing Acres Homes with great honor and sportsmanship.

In between games, the community of Acres Homes, basketball players and spectators, would enjoy hotdogs and hamburgers courtesy of Constable Rosen’s effort to ensure the communities natural hunger was fed along with their hunger for a positive outlook pertaining to law enforcement. Constable Rosen quenched the thirst of Acres Homes with not only Gatorade and Ozarka, but also with knowledge and reassurance that the Harris County Precinct One Constable’s Office was there to protect and serve the community. Awards, t-shirts, and basketballs were given to all participants of the Back 2 School 4 on 4 in the 44 Annual Basketball Tournament, but more importantly, so were school supplies. Backpacks with school supplies in them were generously donated by Constable Rosen as he spoke about how important education is and how education can lead to a profession at the Precinct One Constable’s Office. Giving back is one of the many things Constable Rosen focuses on paying it forward it one of the many things he instilled in the Acres Homes Community.