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Hurricane Harvey caused so much devastation not only to homes and businesses, but to schools as well. Even though it has been two months after the catastrophic storm, many people are still trying to put the pieces of their lives back together. Teachers are amongst those who have been trying to put everything back together in spite of what they may have lost. In order to ensure that teachers and students have everything they need, Chevron has donated $1 million dollars to help Harris County school teachers gain the classroom essentials they need for learning. This donation is part of Chevron’s Fuel Your School program, which has helped fund 39,496 classroom projects in communities throughout the U.S. since 2010. Chevron has also donated $1 million dollars to the Red Cross to help those who are in need.


Chevron has partnered with in order to help rebuild teachers’ classrooms with the resources they need. “Donors Choose is a great partnership that Chevron has had for a long time, and they have a great reach with public schools, and it was just a natural migration that when we wanted to start the program, we wanted to get with a program that had the same values and mission that Chevron had,” expressed Karen Rawls, Chevron Public Affairs Representative. Teachers are encouraged to apply and submit their request to receive support for their classrooms. Rawls further stated that, “The program is really designed to release the financial barriers that teachers have in the classrooms. So many of our classrooms have been impacted in the Harris County schools, and Chevron wanted to be on the forefront and provide the financial resources to help eliminate those barriers.”


The program was actually modified this year so that teachers could go in and provide clothing, food, and basic necessities for their classrooms that are so important and critical for teachers in the classroom. In order for teachers to apply, they have to be a Harris County teacher, and must go in the website and apply as it will go into a rotational where Donors Choose will go in and select the project. “It really is first come first serve basis in how the projects are selected, and we’re really trying to focus on those schools that have been hit the hardest and get them the relief fund sooner,” stated Rawls. Teachers are able to receive $1,000 for their classroom project, which can consist of typical classroom supplies such as pencils, books, tablets, and computers, to life essentials.


In addition to this project, Chevron has other community affairs that they are engaged with. They focus on STEM education and they have great partnerships with the University of Houston where they sponsor their STEM competition, which is one of the largest STEM affairs in the country. In this competition, students come from all over the world come to participate. This is one of many community projects that Chevron is committed to. Rawls made it known that, “Chevron has a great legacy and history in Houston and we’re committed. Chevron is committed to making Houston strong and making education strong in the Houston community as well.”


Teachers are heavily encouraged to apply, as Chevron is happy to assist to help break that financial wall so that students are learning and their education is not interrupted due to the lack of resources. As of October 9th, Chevron has funded a total of 769 teacher projects, in 416 Houston area schools, posted on These projects range across elementary to high school classrooms. Chevron has also spent a total of $569,979 to fund these projects. In addition, there are currently 420 live projects seeking funding in the Houston area, totaling $271,295 in project materials. The program runs from Sept 1st -Nov 3rd.  Chevron is doing a lot of good deeds for the Houston community. If you are a teacher, apply today!

By: Chelsea Davis-Bibbs