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U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

 Questions&Issues in Alfred Wright Case May Reach Attorney General Eric Holder’s Desk

by Darwin Campbell, African-American News&Issues


Beaumont- Former New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra once said that, “it ain’t over till its over” and for the Alfred Wright family, the alleged arrest of Shane Hadnot does not mean case closed.

The absence of real investigation transparency and fact revelations raises even more questions about Wright’s demise and what officials could really be hiding in the case.

This arrest is a smoke screen,” said Pastor Douglas Wright, the father of the late Alfred Wright. “There is something strange going on here and Hadnot is nothing more than a pawn in this conspiracy to cover up the real crime- the murder of my son Alfred Wright.”

Wright and his supporters contend that Alfred Wright is the victim of a brutal, ritualist murder.

The facts are that it was his family and community that found him some 18 days after he was reported missing. His body was found with his throat slit, his face peeled off, his eye taken out, his ear cut off, his tongue cut out and his teeth pulled out.

Those very concerns about the Alfred Wright case are raising eyebrows as far away as Washington D.C because none of the brutality of the crime or information that came to light from various other sources about Wright leading up to his disappearance is being examined. It appears the matter may be headed for a full federal investigation.

Shane Dwayne Hadnot was indicted on Aug. 6, 2014 by a federal grand jury charging him with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance resulting in death and distribution of a controlled substance resulting in death. Hadnot was arrested on Aug. 7, 2014.

According to the indictment, on Nov. 7, 2013, Alfred Wright, of Jasper, Texas, was reported missing by his family after his truck broke down in rural Sabine County, Texas.

Articles of Wright’s clothing were found on private land, approximately a mile from where Wright was last seen. After searchers initially failed to locate Wright, his body was found by family members on Nov. 25, 2013 in brush near where his clothing had been found.

An investigation into the cause of Wright’s disappearance and death revealed his involvement with Shane Hadnot.

The indictment also alleges that on Nov. 7, 2013, Wright sent a text message to Hadnot at 12:36 pm requesting to purchase cocaine and other illegal narcotics from Hadnot. Wright went missing approximately five hours later.

An autopsy was performed on Wright’s body and toxicology testing revealed that Wright’s blood contained cocaine, methamphetamine and Xanax. The final autopsy report, and other experts in the fields of pathology, toxicology, and anthropology concluded that Wright’s cause of death was an accident due to combined drug intoxication.

This investigation was flawed and not handled properly from the beginning,” Doug Wright said. “There is something wrong with this picture because there are too many red flags and still too many unanswered questions.”

Wright said there is no explanation that alleged “drugs” use alone could result in the kind of condition his body was discovered where Wright’s throat was slit, his face peeled off, his eye taken out, his ear cut off, his tongue cut out and his teeth pulled out. “How do you ignore that or explain that away,” he said.

U.S. attorney for Texas’ Eastern District, John Malcom Bales did not comment on Wright’s comments, but denies a coverup contending his officers interviewed witnesses and examined previous law enforcement work and found no evidence to support that the case as a homicide.

Freedom fighters who have followed, protested and demonstrated for justice in the case agree and are skeptical and sent a strong message to law enforcement that the full investigation should remain open until the real culprits who murdered Wright are brought to justice.

Activist Quanell X, who organized protests following Wright’s death, said he still believes the crime was racially motivated.

Sister Krystal Muhammad, National Chair of the New Black Panther Party agrees.

We do not believe this and do not accept the latest developments,” she said “We think this is an attempt to cover the truth. We are not convinced and this does not settle it.”

Supporters, family members and the NBBP will continue to show a strong presence in Sabine County, Hemphill, Jasper and Beaumont to send a strong message that they do not intend to walk away from what is shaping up to be an attempt to make the media storm and questions surrounding the case go away.

We will continue to support this family in their fight for justice,” said Kofi Taharka, National Chair for the National Black United Front in Houston. “This family deserves to know what really happened to their son. The real truth needs to come out and the case needs to be handled properly.”

Some officials in Washington said they believe the case will not only be one on Attorney General Eric Holder’s radar, but also may land on his desk.

I have always viewed the United States Department of Justice, especially under the leadership of Attorney General Eric Holder, as a place of refuge and an important vehicle of justice,” said Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, who also is a Senior Member of the House Judiciary. “I believe the work has started but it is not complete but at the same time it is urgent that community leaders and the lawyers of the NAACP continue to press forward for an expanded investigation from the United States Department of Justice based in Washington, DC. It is good for the value and our beliefs in words ‘Justice For All’ that a stronger and further investigation take place.”

Douglas Wright said the case is not close and he will continue to fight and will not rest until the truth is revealed.

My son was abducted, tortured and murdered in some gruesome ritual,” he said. The killer or killers are still out there. As we press forward, we know that God is with us and we will trust him to make a way.”