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By: Tyriq Henry

The seniors of Booker T. Washington are celebrating their successes of completing all four years of their high school education, and receiving their well-deserved diplomas. Many students we interviewed expressed similar mixed emotions. Everyone is excited to be leaving high school, but sad that this chapter in their lives is coming to a very real close. However, there was no doubt that all of their fears about entering into the world are mostly fueled by their excitement to pursue their real interests. The Eagle’s Nest wanted to spotlight those seniors who have worked tirelessly in their commitment to completing their high school education.

Joshua Rahman (pictured above) is the valedictorian of the 2016 Booker T. Washington High School graduating class. He is planning to attend to A&M University in the Fall, and begin his degree in Industrial Distribution. One piece of advice Josh wished to leave the underclassman and others within the community was this: “It took a lot of hard to get where I am. I am the first person in my family to attend college, and I can honestly say that it is the most rewarding feeling I have ever had. Working hard is worth it, and believing you can be successful is the first step towards success.”

Untitled-4Joshua Pleasant Jr. (pictured above) is attending Lamar University in the Fall for a degree in Mechanical engineering. His hard work ethic, and determination have earned him top marks in his Advanced Placement classes and all of his teachers are positive that he will be “in the zone” when he leaves for college in the next few months. Joshua commented, “I am so happy to be graduating. I feel like it is time to move on. I will miss my friends though. They’re like family to me.” 

Untitled-3Ronnie Madison (pictured above) will also be attending Lamar University to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Ronnie is a member of the High School for Engineering Magnet Program at Booker T. Washington High School and he is thrilled to be taking all of the skills he has learned throughout high school and actually applying them to the field he loves. Ronnie wanted to leave the underclassmen with these final words of encouragement: “Work hard. This school can be great, but you are the only way it will transform itself. We are one.”

Untitled-5 Destiny Washington
(pictured above) is about to be a proud graduate from Booker T. Washington High School. Destiny plans to attend Texas Southern University and get a degree in Public Affairs. She did not attend Washington High School all four years, but she is one of the family. Ms. Antonelli, her junior year teacher, had this to say about Destiny: “She joined my class in the middle of the year, but she did not let that intimidate her. She was an important part of the classroom from day one. I see her in the hallways now, but there is never a time that she does not have a smile on her face and something nice to say. I am so proud of her.”

Untitled-6Rickya Jones
is attending Prairie View A&M University in the fall, and she, like others in the High School for Engineering Magnet Program, is devoting her Undergraduate Degree to Mechanical Engineering. Rickya is best known for her unstoppably optimistic attitude, and her zeal for life. Her jokes make her the center of attention in any classroom, and her fun-loving ability to turn any situation into a positive is what makes her presence irresistible.

Untitled-7Leslie Cosme
is still unsure where she will be attending school for her higher education, but she knows she will be majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in business. She would like to create a start-up company where she will help young engineers grow within their field, and possibly do cosmetology on the side. During her time at Washington High School she has worked on and contributed to such projects as: 3D Printing, Rocketry (one mile one pound, transonic, high altitude), Robotics, and the Cosmetology club.