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cover6HOUSTON – One of the greatest education gifts that can be given to a child is the gift of literacy.

That was the goal of the Acres Home Chamber for Business and Economic Development Inc. when it donated over three crates of books to encourage students to read at Anderson Academy.

“We wanted to make sure there was a book for every child,” said Anthony Stewart, spokesman for AHCBED Inc. “We at the chamber were delighted to be a part of this and hope it will encourage more reading.”

Principal Julie Johnson said the initiative was part of an effort to encourage youth to take a book home during summer vacation and read.

“We have been promoting reading,” she said. “It is exciting to see these kids pick up books and be happy about reading.”

Johnson said reading project was started because she hoped young people would consider making reading and library visits over the summer a common occurrence.

“Our strategy was to tap into their areas of interest,” she said. “We wanted reading to be fun and use that as the motivating factor to feed that desire to read more and more books.”

The donation helped get a book in every child’s hand and allowed for children the flexibility to choose appropriate books that fit their gender and interest.

Children participating in the program also let the AHCBED Chamber know how much they appreciated receiving the books by writing individual “Thank You” and appreciation letters to the chamber and Chairman Roy Douglas Malonson for providing the students with books to read.

The school also provided active pictures of reading times showing the students reading books donated by the chamber.

The children’s books ranged from general interest and adventure to sports and books of interest for young girls and boys.

Johnson said a second benefit from building interest in reading is the development of reading skills.

By making reading fun and feeding that interest, we are helping to build their reading skills that will help them academically now and later in life,” she said.

Anderson first step was getting the kids sold on reading and the plan for summer is to keep kids moving forward with regular reading checklist and trips to the library.

During summer, the Aldine Library will host Anderson Day where children from the school can come and check out books to continue reading through out the summer.