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We MUST Understand Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher
We MUST Understand
Roy Douglas Malonson, Chairman

There’s a saying that, “A wise man takes heed to warning signs, but a fool will ignore them.”

The Houston Astros fired Bo Porter as its manager, reportedly because of tension with the team’s general manager Juff Luhnow.

Porter was said to be feeling undercut as a manager of the team and reportedly took his plight to the owner Jim Crane. The outcome evidently wasn’t in his favor and Crane, unsurprisingly, chose to take the side of Luhnow.

We attempted to warn our community and Porter about the people he was dealing with, but we guess that fell on deaf ears. The result: A reality check in how that system will only support that which is in their interest. They could careless about Porter.

Are we surprised? Of course not.

It’s obvious that Bo knows baseball, but maybe he didn’t know enough about whom he was working for. They had it in for him from day one. He was in a lose-lose situation: He was a Black man, managing a system that caters to the arrogant White establishment aimed at disrespecting the Black community.

How do we know? 

A few months back, for several editions, we here at African-American News&Issues took on the Astros top officials in a editorial war of words because we wanted to send a clear message that they were not dealing with some coward paper or scared-to-death Negro chairman.

We let Crane and his staff know that they could take their media passes and shove them up their a*ses! He refused to meet with us and we refused to settle for him sending us a front man to “pinch hit” for him. We called out Crane and the Astros organization for being disrespectful to our community, which has invested a lot into the their team.

We MUST Understand that this is not the time to bow or compromise. This is the time what we should stand firm on what we believe in and not be bought off by anyone; that includes Crane and the Astros.

In an African-American News&Issues article titled, “What Bo Doesn’t Know about the Houston Astros”, we wrote:

“Bo Porter is an African-American front face of an organization that appears not fully cooperate on granting unbiased credentialing access to a respected, local Houston Black newspaper.

What kind of charade is the organization playing?

What Bo doesn’t know is that while the Houston Astros have made him the “face”, it is apparent that not all things have changed within the organization and how it may really feel about African-American news organizations, Black people, culture and community history and heritage.

Bo doesn’t know that a respected African-American publisher and his newspaper that has been a staple in Acres Home and Texas has been disrespected. This is a Black community newspaper that has been a beacon in the Black community for 19 years and its publisher active in many community, business and civic arenas.”

We further wrote, “Bo Porter and his visions for the Black community from a Black perspective and for generating more Black interest in the game of baseball will remain a mystery because getting Black press credentials to get access to the Houston Astros, Porter and other African-American coaches and players is as elusive as finding out how many licks it takes to eat a tootsie roll pop….The world may never know.”

And now the city, country and world surely will never know now. Why? Because Bo knew baseball, but he didn’t know he was behind enemy lines trying to fight a war for a people who don’t care where his next check will come from.