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By: Darwin Campbell
Author of column series “The Black Whisperer”

When “Beefing” Goes Wrong Black People Die.

Too many times, people want to get even or settle the score.

Whether it is the streets of Chicago or the recent incident at Haverstock Hill Apartments, it points to the fact that the African-Americans who participate in Black-on-Black crime really don’t respect the history or the sacrifices of our ancestors and don’t understand the damage they inflict to their own race.

Black-On Black Crime

In August 1979, Ebony magazine published a 162-page special issues dedicated entirely to the problem of “black-on-black crime.”

In a note to readers, the late John H. Johnson, the founder and publisher, explained that rampant crime was making too many black communities “beleaguered and fearful places.” He also noted that blacks were much more likely than whites to be crime victims, and that most of the perpetrators of crime in black communities are black.

Fast forward to last week with the violent shooting happened Sunday night at the Haverstock Hills Apartments on Aldine Bender. Investigators said an argument turned very violent when a man got out of the car, grabbed a gun from the trunk and fired into the group.
Jeremy Jones allegedly fired about 18 rounds from a semi-automatic weapon, hitting six people. Two of those victims died, while four others were rushed to the hospital. His brother, Harvey Jones, is also accused of pointing the gun at the victims.

Haverstock Hill is a symptom of a greater problem of the lack of pride in our beloved Black history and the struggle and points to the overall cruel mindset and disrespect some of us have for one another as Black people.


When is Enough…Enough?


Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, a senior member of the House Committees on Homeland Security and Judiciary and Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Investigations, issued the following statement condemning the senseless violence and mass shooting at the Haverstock Hill.

“The mass shooting at the Haverstock Hill Apartments on Sunday is a powerful and sober reminder of the epidemic of gun violence plaguing many of our communities. The easy availability of guns and the mass shootings they make possible too often result in horrific carnage that terrorizes citizens and devastates the families and loved ones of the victims. This must end. Enough is enough.”

It brings Grief. The grief that a family member is gone for eternity too soon and the other untold damage is that the one who is lost could have made a difference as a teacher, political leader, sports figure, medical professional or brilliant researcher or inventor.

Nothing is worth taking someone’s life over… and I mean nothing!!



Macho Black Culture Feeds Crime Frenzy


However, issue comes down to the culture we have created in our own neighborhoods with our macho-ism, gang mentalities and our music that devalues life, integrity, degrades women and disregards the sanctity of life and the family.

Consciences have been seared with hot irons and hatred burned into heart until young black men Black out to the point that reason no longer exists.

The appetites are fed with a constant desire to “beef” with another brother who lives on another block or who comes from a different ward of the city or who excels in academics or sports.

Many of these brothers hate themselves making it virtually impossible to care about anything other than their own selfish desires.


Lynching Ain’t Got Nothing on Black-on-Black Killings


In order to stop this madness, these one track-minded individuals need rebooted and reintroduced to the beauty of Black history and how we rose from the stock of kings and queens.

They also need to be reminded of the rough tough road from days when Blacks were chased by Whites, burned, hanged and shot dead, just for being Black, for not being a good hardworking “Negro” or for disrespecting another White man or White woman.

African-Americans were six times as likely as whites to be homicide victims, according to Justice Department statistics.

The carnage is staggering: 2,491 African-Americans were homicide victims in 2013, the most recent year for which FBI statistics are available.

 Even more shocking is the fact that an estimated 93 percent of those murders were committed by other African-Americans against other African-Americans!!!

The 2013 toll alone is equal to 72-percent of the 3,446 lynchings documented by Tuskegee University researchers between 1882 and 1968.

The comparison to nearly a century of deadly racist terror only underscores the alarming scope of the problem.

What have we as a people really learned from the days of open season lynching of Blacks?


In Pursuit of Foolish Legends


It is shameful that in our own neighborhoods we are ducking and running for our lives from doorways to store fronts fearing that we will be shot and killed by our own Black people – those groups of hoodlums who have no spiritual values, no morals and or no concern or love for Black people, the history of Black people or the trials and tribulations we have endured since the days of slavery and the threats of lynchings.

Death rows and prison graveyards across Texas are full of those same types of violent reprobate folk who thought that being macho and killing other black males and terrorizing women and families makes them famous.

These “legends in their own mind” commit these crimes only to find out later that when the guilty verdict comes and the prison door slams shut, it is only the first step through a doorway that leads straight to a life of Hell on earth and an uncertain future.

What happened in the Haverstock Hill Apartments is an indication that many of us Black folk still don’t get it.


Black Lives Should Matter to Black People

Black Lives should matter, but time and again we prove with one shooting investigation after another that Black lives Don’t.

Driven by fear, we have become our own worst enemies… and have nurtured our own nightmares and grown our own “neighborhood terrorists”.

Unfortunately, the victims of all this are innocent Black elderly, women and children and hardworking people of these crazed out of control Black maniacs lurking on streets with bloodthirsty desires, lusts and cravings to create chaos, bring grief and control people living in their neighborhoods.

Our “culture” dulled their senses during their formative years and created young “monsters”. Now, it is up to us to stamp out this Satanic vermin that walks this earth with intentions of “seeking whom they may devour.”

The police can do little to stop this either.

It is up to the people living in neighborhoods from public housing to the various suburban “-lands” communities around Houston to take action, clean it up and rid our streets of these people.

With the flash of a muzzle, the Haverstock Hill Apartments fell prey to another senseless and barbaric attack.

Many are asking what can we do to stop this madness.

There will be other Haverstock Hills… unless we take back our streets and restore pride and respect for Black life and African-American history.

Think about it. Life is precious and God given and you have no right to take that away.

Black Lives Really Do Matter… and its time we act like it.