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cover4Courtesy of Black Contractors Association

DALLAS– The Black Contractors Association is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization that was formed in June of 2002 to address the needs and concerns of Minority Business Owners.

The BCA’s membership consists of general contractors, subcontractors, engineers, surveyors, construction managers, suppliers, manufacturers, technical assistance associations, government agencies, architects, attorneys, corporations, accountants, insurance persons, and financial institutions.

Positioning Statement 

The BCA is the leading voice and advocate for Minority Business Owners in North Texas. The BCA markets over 100 Minority Businesses to North Texas area general contractors, public entities, developers and project owners. The organization is seeking to accelerate growth by further developing its membership base through education, training, business development and workshops.


The BCA enables the next generation of Minority Businesses to compete successfully by extending its further reach capacity to existing general contractors and project owners. Contractors and project owners benefit from BCA member firms capabilities, technologies, procedures, trade secrets and engineering techniques that allow for more efficient production and on time project completion.

The BCA has been organized to take advantage of specific gaps in the construction industry. Those gaps exist in the shortage of qualified Minority male and female owned construction related companies needed to fulfill government funded and private projects with MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) and DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) goals.


To foster the development and growth of Minority Businesses by increasing their capacity providing easier access to capital, information, infrastructure, technical support, and business support.


To increase the economic viability of Minority Business Owners.


Our goal is to increase opportunities, enrich our contractor base, and build stronger connections with our partners and member firms to facilitate the growth and success of our BCA members.


The primary objectives of the BCA are to penetrate and increase market share for Minority Businesses doing business on government, commercial and private projects in Texas.

Services of the Black Contractors Association include:


As an advocate for Minority Businesses, the BCA actively monitors legal issues at the Federal, State and Local levels. The BCA acts as the eyes and ears of its members, and regularly reports to its membership on key issues affecting Minority Business operations and the construction industry.

Education and Training

One of the BCA’s primary objectives is the development of training programs designed to enhance the competitive viability of Minority Businesses. These training programs are designed to position members for a better opportunity to procure contracts in both the public and private sector.

Corporate Partners Program

The BCA feels that contracting opportunities for Minority Businesses will increase through a cooperative working relationship with major corporations and contractors who are committed to the growth and expansion of all Minority Businesses. Such relations will exist within the BCA’s Corporate Partners Program (CPP). The CPP is an integral part of the services provided to our membership and our interrelated activities assist the CPP representatives in the design of ideas, establishment of workshops and seminars, and the formulation of operable compliance programs.

For more information contact:

Black Contractors Association

1409 S. Lamar Street, Suite 251

Dallas, Texas 75215

South Side on Lamar

Phone: 214-928-7097