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Mark Spivey
Mark Spivey

I’ve been a girl’s head basketball coach for 11 out of my 13 years of teaching. It’s not easy coaching girls. You gotta put up with a whole lot of ISH and emotions, but that’s okay; I just continue to coach my little heart out. My girls have always played hard, win or lose. We won games we weren’t supposed to win and we lost games we shouldn’t have lost. We’ve been deep in the playoffs and we’ve lost in the opening round. Nevertheless, my girls never gave up…
Every now and then I would talk to my girls about life and what to expect out of it. I was all up in their business when it came to boyfriends and other “distractions” to our goals. I tried my best to prepare them for success outside of basketball. Many of them will tell you that I yell a lot and might cuss a little bit every now and then, but they all knew/know I cared about them. I taught them to be tough, resilient, and how to fight. Some of they asses fought too much. But, in doing so they learned how to persevere and compete. They also learned how to “finish”.
I can proudly boast and say that at least 75% of my girls who played ball for me have graduated or are attending college. That’s been my ultimate goal for them all along. The other 25% better hope I don’t see them because I’m talking about they asses. They gotta finish. As I wind down my coaching career I’d like for my girls to remember me for being honest and truthful to them. If they ass couldn’t play basketball, I told them they ass couldn’t play. Go play soccer or softball. You can only be good at what you’re good at. You can’t do everything, but you can graduate college if you WANT to. I will never tell a kid they can’t…


My college graduates are intelligent, spunky, and hard working. They’ll tell you in a MINUTE that they don’t need a man, but they lying. EVERY woman who “acts” like a woman wants a man. They just won’t take any kind of man. I taught my girls that, too. Don’t settle for a feller just because he is well-endowed or good looking. Men in the porn industry get paid. Yo lazy ass man, doesn’t. Orgasms won’t pay yo mortgage, car note, or electricity bill. Learn that early…
In closing, coaching shouldn’t only be about wins and losses. UT fired a good man in Charlie Strong. Character, integrity, and discipline is what’s needed in today’s schools. If you play for Coach Spivey that’s what you’re gonna get.
God bless, goodnight, and keep yo families together.