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Mark Spivey
Mark Spivey

Dear America,
It puzzles me how the Trump camp wants to “Make America Great Again” when the Republican Party has no unity within its ranks and are embarrassed to have this idiot representing them. I want them to explain to me when the United States was ever NOT great to everyday people like you and I. Sure, this country has seen its share of problems, and yes, we still have issues that need to be worked out. But, for the most part 90% of Americans are doing well. If Trump or Hillary can think of ways to take care of the other 10% and implement those ideas, then America will truly be great. Not great “again”. Just great…
The only problem we have is when politicians try to deceive us into making things worse than what they really are. Trump is going around telling the entire world that “The African-Americans” and their neighborhoods are in ruins along with our schools. He claims that we can’t walk down the street without getting shot and that our entire future can be made better if HE (who discriminated against us and was sued by the FEDS because HE didn’t want African-Americans leasing his properties) can make life better for us. What rock has he crawled from under? I have lived in the projects, inner cities, and suburbs and I just can’t relate to what he is saying. Black folk have always survived, advanced, and done well IF we had the same equal chances as white folk. WE made America great by fighting racism, discrimination, bigotry, prejudice, and hate. Prior to that, the United States was just a big “melting pot” of shit.
The entire Congress has been deadlocked by the GOP since President Obama won re-election in 2012. They didn’t want to compromise, negotiate, bargain, pray, or work with the POTUS and other members of Congress at all. NOW, they want to talk about making America great again when their ignorant asses are the ones who have torn it apart. Go sit down somewhere. They blame President Obama for passing legislation for equality for all people, no matter what form(s) it comes in. They’re pissed off at him for wanting to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of crazy ass people who shoot up schools (Columbine, Sandy Hook), movie theaters (Colorado), churches (South Carolina) and police officers (Dallas and Baton Rouge). Yet, they want to make America “great” again. The conservatives whine about Pro-Choice, but their own damn kids are getting abortions at record rates. They whine about protecting the 2nd Amendment, but keep their mouths closed when their “crazies” shoot up innocent people and children.  Their version(s) of making America great again are “chickens slowly returning home to roost” and they are not liking it at all.
The only beef that I have with the POTUS is that he should have shoved his foot down the GOP’s throats when he won election initially in 2008. Then, he had control of both houses of Congress at his pleasure. But being the good man that he is, President Obama tried to be non-partisan and work on both sides of the aisles with Republicans AND Democrats. That was the time when America was becoming “great”, but the Repubs wouldn’t support it and the mutiny began. They slowed down President Obama but they never did stop him. Now, they are going to pay for it dearly. Hillary is going to spank their pompous asses really good.  If she doesn’t, we’re gonna spank hers…
The Republicans are vomiting in their own mouths every time they think of Trump becoming president. They might as well let it marinate and get ready to swallow it because the “good” people of the United States will NEVER let this happen. Trump will not win. The only question in doubt is how big a landslide victory Hillary will claim.


“AMER-cha” (in my Bernie Mac voice), don’t fall for the “okie-doke”.  Get out and vote for the lesser of two evils.  Anything other than that will not be great at all.  God bless, goodnight, and keep yo families together.