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My wife and I were doing our Christmas shopping the other day and ended up at a specialty store that sells lots of yuletide cheer. To be honest, she was actually doing the shopping while I was just tagging along catching up on world events via Facebook. The store was packed, but the aisles weren’t too congested as we navigated our way through various displays and end-caps full of holiday specials. I, like most men, don’t like shopping. I would rather just sit in the car and wait until Julle gets through. But on this day, MY wife decided to wear some of those workout tights/leggings. Her fine ass was prancing around that parking lot looking all enticing and ISH; therefore, I HAD to go in and make sho she didn’t get mugged. Next time she better wear a choir robe…

We went down this one aisle that featured different cultural representations of Christmas in the forms of ornaments and other items from throughout world. They were from places like France, India, Mexico, Italy and Britain. As I was noticing a camel with its hump decorated like Christmas bulb, Julle grabbed my arm and pulled me around the corner with her. She wanted me to check out an area that featured African-American art and Christmas items. We stopped halfway down the aisle and noticed Christmas cards created by Black people along with other forms of craft and artistry. In the area with us arrived a White woman and her little boy who couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4 years old. He was a chatterbox full of “what’s this and what’s that’s”. His poor mother, visibly worn out by his questioning, tried to answer all of his little questions as clear and precise as she could, but it was obvious that nothing was gonna shut his little inquisitive ass up. He just kept on yapping.

We met halfway at a display that featured Black Santa Clauses. Suddenly, this talkative little kid stopped dead in his tracks and stared one down. His facial features went from delight to disgust. He then looked at his mommy and cried out: “Why would they do something like that?” Now, it woulda been alright had little “Opie” and his mom had the entire area to themselves, but me and Julle were standing right there. It was hard for them not to notice my big ass and at the way his mom was looking at Julle in them tights/leggings, she certainly noticed her, too. (That’s a woman thang; men don’t look at other men like that). Needless to say, if she could have hidden under the proverbial “rock”, she would have done so. All of a sudden, that little kid of hers yells out that same ISH again. “Mommeeeee, why would they do something like that? Why would they make a Black Santa? Santa is White! Everybody knows that…!” That woman was thoroughly embarrassed as her kid looked up at her for an answer. She was speechless. Finally, Julle went over to the little boy and replied: “Baby, they had to make one for people who look like me”. His mom looked at Julle and said: “Thank you; I didn’t know what to say”.

If you think about it, the innocence of this little white kid is almost parallel to the ignorance of his mother. What’s obvious is how comfortable this child was in his disappointment in believing that Santa Claus couldn’t possibly be any other color BUT white. You can blame his youthfulness for THIS blunder, but not for long. If he is young enough to THINK that Santa Claus should be White to ALL children, he is also young enough to be taught diversity. Julle helped him on that day.

Growing up in the 60s and 70s, my folks didn’t mind us believing in Santa Claus, but they never told us he was White. Society did that. I don’t think I ever saw an image of a Black Santa until George Jefferson dressed up as one on the “Jeffersons”. Or, was it Fred Sanford on “Sanford and Son”? I don’t remember. Needless to say, once we found out that Santa wasn’t real, it didn’t matter anyway. We did understand how to separate fact from fiction, however, regardless of how disgusting it may have been. I wonder how long it’s gonna take this little white kid to do the same.

I honestly hope that this child grows up remembering this experience and that his mom does her best to teach him proper respect for all races and cultures. Just imagine what will happen once he finds out that Jesus is Black…

God bless, goodnight, and keep yo families together.