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Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher of African-American News&Issues

            President Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th leader of this country once made reference to a thought that is very true in nature. In it he conveyed that, “A President’s hardest task is not to do what is right, but to know what is right!” Undoubtedly, this statement imposes upon the character of a person who has assumed the role of a leadership position.

We MUST Understand that just because a person throws his or her hat in the ring for a certain position; it does not automatically guarantee that such a person is the right candidate for the job. However, a leader’s decisions’, actions’ and commands’, assists with helping the people determine just what manner of leader has been chosen. A righteous leader that is for the people and by the people will most definitely do what is best for all of the people inclusively. And that is… with no respect or regard to: gender, race, religion, sexual preference or otherwise.

As it is, “WE” have elected a new president, none other than President Donald Trump. And when I state the word, “WE” that is exactly what I mean. Even if a person did not vote in the past election, the motion of doing nothing at all is relinquished to those who did choose to have a voice in the matter. President Franklin D. Roosevelt said it best. He exclaimed, “Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us… The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.”

It has been said that there is no White America or Black America but that there is the United States of America. We MUST Understand that these words sound really good to those who don’t know any better, but truth is…. There has always been a division in these United States, in regards to race relations and no matter what anyone else says or does this factor has not disappeared overnight and is not likely to do so either. However, in terms of governing the country, it is best that President Trump be careful in regards to what he asks for. The seat of presidency is no easy job and the business of politics is a completely different ballgame when you are actually elected to be the Head Man in Charge. It would not be a wise effort to look at things through a tunnel vision spectrum. When one is elected president it is expected that he will be president for the whole country and do what is right in that regard.

With that being stated, I would like to digress on a subject that has caught the attention of many people. NBC News in their segment of “Meet the Press”, held an exclusive interview with Representative John Lewis out of the State of Georgia. In that exclusive, Rep. Lewis stated that he did not believe that President Trump was a, “legitimate president”. As the interview continued, he supported his opinion with details from the Russian interference, on behalf of President Trump that took place in the latest presidential election. While many argue that Congressman comments’ are deserving of an apology, I think that it is safe to state that the current President is capable of defending himself. As it was recorded by NBC News that he did in fact respond to Rep. Lewis comments. He said that Lewis should, “spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested) rather than falsely complaining about the election results.”

Now in response to Representative John Lewis’ statements about President Trump there has been much talk about him being wrong for him expressing his own thoughts and opinions on the subject. But then again we must remember that we live in a country who subscribes to the idea that we as a people have freedom of speech. In the same regard, those who believe that the President is owed an apology from Rep. Lewis, should merely take a step back into the past and remind President Barack Obama; that he is due an apology as well. Because from my understanding it has never went on record that President Trump ever apologized or even had a sense of remorse in reference to the controversy that was continuously stirred up regarding the birth certificate or sly remarks made about former President Obama.

Concluding I would just like to echo the words of our former First Lady, Michelle Obama. She said, “I’ve seen firsthand that being president doesn’t change who you are… It reveals who you are!” I couldn’t agree with her more. Just like the old saying, “What’s done in the dark, will always come to the light.” So, be that as it may, whatever the intentions are of our current POTUS, believe it or not over the course of the next four years it will certainly reveal what they are and who he is in the process.