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As you well know, there is not a single day that goes by that we do not hear something about ‘Black Lives Matter’. As a Black man, I must relate that I have tired of such slogans, especially when we treat them as if they are the solution to our problems. My question is do ‘Black Lives’ even Matter to Black people? (A Concerned Black Man)

Let me first relate that I understand from what part of your soul this question comes from because of our lengthy history of Black-on-Black crime. The first thing that popped into my head after hearing your question was a lyric from Tupac Amaru Shakur (another Brother murdered by senseless Black-on-Black crime) that goes, “And they say that it’s the white man I should fear! Well it’s my own kind doing all the killing here!”

Although he received untold accolades for his prowess as a top-notch emcee, by meeting a violent demise, the twenty-five year old rapper joined another impressive roster of Black men: Biggie Smalls (age 24), Merlin Santana (age 26), Chris Bender (age 19), Big Hawk (age 36), Fat Pat (age 27), Big L (age 24), Andre Brooks (age 23), Jam Master Jay (age 36), Hakim Jamal (age 42), Malcolm X (age 39), Huey P. Newton (age 47), Soulja Slim (age 26), Marc Uter (age 19), and Darrent Williams (age 24); all murdered by occurrences of Black-on-Black crime.

While African-Americans are busying themselves with chants of Black Lives Matter and implementing reactionary ineffectual riotous behavior each time a white officer kills a Black man. I am with you in wondering where is the public indignation that followed the murder of Michael Brown, Darren Garner, or any of the other victims of death by officer for a figure like Tupac, Jam Master Jay, Merlin Santana, Big Hawk, Soulja Slim, Big L, Huey P. Newton and the list goes on and on.

I must state that BLACK LIVES MATTER ALWAYS, even when we our own don’t behave as if they do.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III is not only a Content Editor for African-American News and Issues, but also a graduate of THE Ohio State University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts (Africana Studies), Master of Arts (Africana Studies), Master of Arts (History) and a Doctorate of Philosophy (History).

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