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april in paris02
Senior citizens enjoy April in Paris in Mickey Leland Memorial Park                                                          

  About 300 senior citizens – immaculately dressed in spring fashion complete with colorful, Sunday hats – transformed Mickey Leland Memorial Park into a Paris sidewalk café on Wednesday.

The Kashmere Gardens park was the home of the 7th annual April in Paris Spring Tea sponsored by Harris County Commissioner El Franco.

Welcome to the April in Paris,” Lee told the audience. “If you like this event and events like these, just give me a show of hands.”

The crowd yelled and applauded. “So we will keep on keeping on,” Lee responded.

Senior citizens attending the event and were treated with musical entertainment, poetry and a Spring Cuisine Luncheon.

During the two-hour event, the seniors – including several from Lincoln Park Community Center in Acres Homes – were treated with musical entertainment and poetry.

The park was decorated to resemble an outdoor Paris café and also featured contests for the best hats and tea cups.

For the best hat, Henrietta Cage took first place, Wilma Richard won second and Gloria J. Jolivet earned third.

I’m a person who, when I see something I like, the Lord lets me have a few pennies to get them,” Cage said about her hat and matching-colored dress. “I like to wear hats. I have maybe 100 hats. Last year I won second place.”

In the tea cup contest, Melvenia McNeil won first place, Mary Nowlin was second and Louise Truitt was third. 

I’m surprised,” McNeil said about her award-winning cup. “I thought there would be one prettier than mine.”

 April in Paris is among the many events that Commissioner Lee sponsors each year for Precinct One senior citizens.