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The Standard View
By: Billy “Hollywood” Groves who is also the Publisher of Groves Standard Newspaper

I recently heard CNN Television host Fareed Zakari say, “The future of England should be in England’s hands not American hands. In my mind the future of Black people in America should be in our hands and not in the hands of people who don’t care about our destiny.”

As I explained in a recent article I wrote about colonies in America and Black people, “having African Americans seeking to take control of their future in a positive way”   is not an un-American or unpatriotic suggestion.  When you look around you can clearly see that every race or group of people in America seem to be taking their future into their own hands.   Although, as a race, we have made a lot of progress since being freed from slavery in the 1800’s, we still have a very long way to go, despite the fact that we do have a few super rich Black folks in America.

However, the general picture or conception or misconception of the vast majority of Black people in America, is “one of a group of disorganized people unsuccessfully struggling to make a living”.   I’ve heard many times in the past, the false rumor that Black people are a “childlike race” whose minuscule contributions add little to the success of the country.  In reality, the truth is, when black communities function at their strongest, they are successful, potent and powerful and our nation reaps the benefits by becoming stronger, more powerful and more highly respected as the world leader.

Case in point, when President Barack Obama served as the first African American president, he represented our nation in one of the most positive ways that the world has viewed us in the history of our nation.  During his administration he restored the confidence of our world neighbors not only in America but in Black people of America.

Black people in America have all the ability, skills, mindset and spirit needed to take their destiny into their own hands.  What we must do as loyal citizens is, “come together as a people, put aside our different ideologies and do the right thing”.  “The right thing” is to build up all of our African American communities in our nation.   There is an old blues song that I liked growing up which said “ If we take six months to take care of our own business and take another six months to stay out of other people’s business, everything would be alright”.

Black people need to put all of their time into taking their destiny into their own hands.  Our young people are our future, we must make sure that they will inherit a nation where all American communities and neighborhoods represent our nation.  God Bless America!