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Words of Advice from “The Celebrity List”

The young people are the future; they need good information on their journey through life. We got some great people to give their advice to our young about their future. Remember “ for lack of knowledge our people perish”.

Filmmaker, writer, rapper, music producer Robert “Fleetwood” Bowden of San Francisco, California gave this advice for your people: “Your association will determine your destination, turn around and take a look at the friends you are spending time with. If you want to see your future, what they are doing is what your future will be.”

Mirron Wills of Crockett, Texas is an accomplished widely acclaimed actor (Independence Day) and other movies and stage performances. He is the son of educator, community leader Dr. Edwardlene Fleeks Willis of Crockett. He had this advice for our youth. “Educate yourself, love yourself, take your life seriously, work and participate in your community, they need you.” Mirron is the owner of Unique Urban Audio, where he does book recordings. His website is

Michael Bishop of Willis, Texas is a former star quarterback of Kansas State University and the New England Patriots of the NFL. Bishop, who is still in tremendous physical condition (still playing B-Ball) and has a great personality has this to say. I would tell young people this. “ If they see something in life that they want, they can get it, but they have to know it’s going to take hard work and dedication.” Michael Bishop is also a Willis High graduate and a positive force in Willis.

Dr. Ruth Groves Waston Houston of Houston is a former educator, community leader, activist, political and church worker/musician. Dr. Ruth gave me this advice for young people. “Put God in front of everything and listen to your parents they have knowledge and wisdom.” Dr. Ruth is the president and editor of the Groves Standard Newspaper.

Lance Slage of Houston is a senior at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, majoring in sociology and human resources. I asked Lance, who is very intelligent and a member of the Alpha Nu Delta multicultural fraternity, about his advice for other young people. “I would urge every young person to go for their dreams. It would be better to go and fail than not to go at all. In other words, it would be better to go to college and flunk out than not to go, because you can learn from your mistakes.” Slage said Jesus is his number one role model. President Barack Obama, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X are also his role models. Slage is a graduate of Houston’s Alief Hasting High School. He plans to attend graduate school at SHSU where his girlfriend also attends. He is a member of New Life Temple Church of Houston.

Texas City, Texas community and church leader, Johnny Adams, husband of the late Vera Adams, a Crockett, Texas native gave me this advice for young people. “Trust in God”.
Rick “Freeway” Ross, AKA “the Real Rick Ross” of Los Angeles, California, Life’s story has been publicized in movies, books, the internet, documentary films, newspapers and magazines. I asked Rick, a native of Kilgore, Texas in East Texas what advice did he have for young people. “Critical thinking is important for young people to have these days. They have to make sure they are following the right people. They can’t have a ‘go with the herd mentality’ and not go in the right direction,” was his advice . Rick was the subject of a recent movie on, Direct TV also located at Rick Ross, at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Freeway Rick Ross: the Untold Biography on the internet and some of his media outlets.

Houston County Judge Erin Ford is a leader who is concerned about the future of our young people. He had these words of advice. “We all must have a common goal to take care of the young people and give them every opportunity to succeed in the world. I think young people need to take advantages of the opportunities to get their education and succeed in life.”

Dr. Ianthia Fisher is a longtime educator, community leader, church minister and one of the founders of the Groves Educational Foundation in Crockett. Dr. Fisher and husband Former Crockett Police Chief Jimmy Fisher are the parents of some strongly educated grown children. Dr. Fisher serves as the Managing Editor of the Groves Standard Newspaper. She gave this advice for young people. “There comes a time in life when every young person must accept responsibility and become accountable for their lives. They have to learn that, nothing in life is free, someone has paid the price.” Jesus even paid the price so that you could have the “free gift of salvation.”

Houston County Attorney Daphne Session is the daughter of the Informer Newspaper founders Walter and Maxine Session of Rusk, Texas. I asked Daphne Session who is doing a great job for the people of Houston County, her advice for young people. The most important thing I could say to young people is “stay in school”.

Evangelist Connie Yarbrough of Nacogdoches had this to say to young people. The young generation is under attack these days. They need the presence of the Lord. I would advise young people to “be strong, stand on the word of God, don’t live a bad life style and operate in the right way.” Evangelist Yarbrough added, “young people need to know love conquers all and a part from God, you can do nothing.”

Houston singer Eric LaShay, a native of Diboll, Texas gave me this advice for young people. “ Never give up on your dreams, nobody can do it but you.” Eric is the cousin of Crockett singer Sherika “De La Shea” Bolton. You can see his work on the internet on You Tube, and Reverb Nation Sound Cloud.

New York city and Atlanta Georgia businessman K-Rock, the owner of “Hustlers Never Sleep” company gave me this advice for young people. “You can’t escape yourself, you have to know yourself, you have to have some control over your life. You must have self-control or you will self-destruct”. K-Rock’s “Hustlers Never Sleep” can be found on Instagram.

By: Billy “Hollywood” Grove