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HOUSTON- State Senator John Whitmire (D-Houston) is calling for an investigation of the proposal to build a secret facility to house sexually violent  predators in Liberty County by the Travis County Public Integrity Unit, the Office of the Attorney General and the State Auditor’s Office.

We continue to be shocked by the decisions of this agency, by their attempts to sneak in sexually violent predators into the Acres Homes residential neighborhood and now to award a contract for a facility in Liberty County without notifying local residences and elected officials , stated Whitmire.

Earlier this month, the high-risk sex offenders, whose quiet relocation more than a month ago by the state into the Acres Homes area touched off a firestorm of controversy from state officials and residents. They were moved out of True Safe Haven, a three-bedroom house at 9300½ West Montgomery Road. Angry residents protested and demanded the high-risk offenders be moved to a more-secure site.

We will immediately draft state law that requires this agency to inform both the residents and locally elected officials, the public safety issues these sexually violent predators present demand it,” said Whitmire. “I have never witnessed a state agency that hides in the shadows, out of public view, and operates outside the legislative intent for the supervision of individuals who have been deemed the worst of the worst with a high risk of committing new sexual offenses,” added Senator Whitmire.

Now, state officials want answers and are planing possible changes to the way these offenders are placed in neighborhoods.

It is time for common sense and truth to govern how we provide housing and services to this population in a manner that ensures the public is protected  at the same time,” stated Whitmire. “I can promise you Senator Nichols, Representative Turner, Representative Otto and I will work together to pass legislation that reins in this out of control state agency.