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cover3Story by Darwin Campbell, African-American News&Issues

The element of surprise captured George Williams’ attention twice. Once when he and Dwayne Barlow won the Entrepreneur of the Year award, presented at the 2014 National AABE Conference, and again when he was elected as the new Board Chairman for the American Association of Blacks in Energy. (AABE)

“It’s a great feeling,” Williams said of his selection as the new Chairman of the prestigious AABE Board of Directors. “Nothing is more important than people having the confidence in knowing that their interests and the interest of the organization will betaken to heart.”

Williams went on to say that AABE is a dynamic organization founded with a corporate and entrepreneurial spirit in 1977.

“We were founded and dedicated to ensure that the input of African Americans and other minorities into the discussions and developments of energy policies, regulations, research & development technologies, and environmental issues.”

Williams looks forward to leading the organization. His focus is on growing the membership, thriving financially and living the mission and vision of AABE. With nearly 2,000 members, “AABE is a credible resource to meet the needs of members and continue being a force impacting energy education worldwide.”

His company, PMI Energy Solutions, LLC headquartered in Batavia, Illinois, continues to skyrocket with opportunities in the energy industry. He has found particular success in the areas of storm restoration, and in overhead and underground electrical distribution construction and maintenance, in the electric utility industry.

“I was successful in securing two direct contracts with Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) to install advance meter infrastructure (AMI) and distribution automation (DA) radio/repeaters and to replace poles,” he said. “It is very unusual for a relatively young and diverse company to be awarded direct contracts with utilities after a couple years of serving as a subcontractor. However, as a result of our ability to perform high quality work in a safe and productive manner, we were able to establish credibility with the utilities.”

Williams also has large direct contracts with Ameren, INTREN and M.J. Electric and We several more contracts in the workings. A number of diverse companies continue as subcontractors for an extended period of time before becoming prime contractors, he added.

Although PMI Energy Solutions, LLC is only three years old, they are not newcomers to the industry.

With an engaging spirit, Williams is CEO with 27 years experience in the utility industry, encompassing transmission & distribution, nuclear, fossil, startups and corporate experience. His success has allowed him to bring on 75 employees to perform services throughout the Midwest. His company has responded to numerous storm disasters across the country and implemented numerous electrical infrastructure improvement projects across the Midwest.

“I have worked for six utilities in my career,” he said. “Our work stands on its own and I’m very proud to have been involved with storm restoration efforts across the country, including Hurricanes Isaac and Sandy. It was very difficult getting in with road blocks, flooding and many unknowns. We were in the Northeast for three weeks, working 16 hour days until the power was restored.”

Williams said he is proud to have developed, “strong relationships, performed quality work, set high performance standards and understands that his success is deliberate.