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IMG_1576PRAIRE VIEW – As an infant, Tiivon Crockett became sick and was stricken with a high fever. After rebounding from the illness, his mother noticed that there was a negative change in his behavior. An audiologist confirmed that Crockett was nearly completely deaf. He began wearing a hearing aid that enabled him to hear electronic voices that interpreted speech. At the end of the fall 2012 semester, Crockett, a Senior Management Information Systems Major, had a cochlear implant installed just behind his ear, enabling him to hear things he had never heard before, like the sound of windshield wipers on a car during rain or the low hum of an air conditioner. “It was like waking up to a world of new sounds,” said Crockett. During his holiday break, Crockett had a second implant installed and it will be activated just before the start of the spring 2014 semester. “I believe I’m going to get 100% hearing because God is on my side,” Crockett said.