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“I have fought many wars with my faith in God.”

-Jerrell Blackshire

Houston- It isn’t easy to be a man in today’ society; it really isn’t easy to be a black man in today’s society. For Jerrell Blackshire, he knows this struggle all too well. “Being a black man in this world is hard…people always see you as a threat and it’s terrible.” As a big black guy standing over six feet tall, people always judge him first before they get to know him, and “it sucks,” expressed Blackshire.

Born and raised in Lufkin, Texas and raised as a country boy, Blackshire has had his share of life experiences. Through it all, he has made the best out of every situation, and from these experiences, he would like to help others. His life is what inspired him to write the book A Glimpse in the Mind of a Good Guy. He expressed, “Everything that I have been through has made me a better man.”

He wrote the book to motivate, help, and inspire others. In the book he talks about a variety of topics, and refers to his book as “a real good pot of gumbo…because with gumbo you get so many different things, and when you put them all together in the gumbo, it’s real good to your soul, and that’s how my book is.” He speaks on relationships, God, love, overcoming adversity, and a lot of other things that he has been through. When writing the book, he said the hardest part was creating a title, but many people had always told him that he was a good guy so he felt the title would be fitting for him.

In 2013, Blackshire faced hard times as things had gotten really tough for him and he was left with one coat, one blanket, and his car. He hit a downfall and was left living in his car for a month. It was very hard for him, and many times he wanted to give up, but he didn’t. He held on to his faith, and did what he had to do in order to survive. In addition, the death of his mother wasn’t easy for him as well. Because of his close relationship with his mother, he dedicated this book to her. He also has a chapter titled Dear Mama in the book where he shares some of his greatest memories with her.

So what makes a good man? For Blackshire, it’s integrity, having a high character, being able to provide for the ones you love, and being charitable, just to name a few. In his opinion, being charitable is one thing he feels the world needs more of. A lot of people in our society are self-centered and will only help others if they are benefiting from it as well. However, Blackshire has a huge heart, and is willing to help anyone if it is in his power to.

Jerrell wants people to take from his book that anything can happen with a little work. He also wants people to never give up on love. If people can hold on to love, then anything is possible. Last but not least, he wants people to also know that no matter what storm they may be going through, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. “I’ve been through it all…I’ve been through a lot of terrible stuff, but at the end of all of my challenges, I came out better than I went in…you have to learn how to dance in the rain.”

Blackshire is currently preparing to release his next book really soon. The title of his new book is Letters to my Future Wife. “I’ve been writing letters to my future wife for a long time now,” expressed Blackshire. It is his hope that when women read this book, it restores their faith “in the wait.” Many women tend to rush into a relationship because they are trying to rush love, but Blackshire wants women to know that it’s okay to wait for love.

If you’re in need of encouragement, advice, or just looking for something new to read, then you should read this book. Blackshire is sure that readers will take something from this book that can help them in their everyday life. If you are interested in purchasing this book, you can visit this website

By: Chelsea Davis-Bibb, M.Ed.