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HOUSTON-Earlier this year, President Barack Obama held a press conference addressing the plight of men of color in America.

Black men, in particular, lag behind disproportionately in the areas of education, employment, health, wealth, etc. Not to mention how overrepresented they are in America’s prisons.

A recent study says that 1 in 3 Black males will see prison in their lifetimes if current incarceration trends do not change. These are just some of the factors that create unique challenges for Black men striving to be fathers.

For this reason, Community Activist Deric Muhammad, the men of Project FORWARD and others have declared this Fathers Day, June 15th, “A DAY OF ENCOURAGEMENT FOR BLACK FATHERS in MacGregor Park from 5 p.m. To 8p.m. The theme for the event is “Moving Forward as Fathers”

Fathers Day in the Black community is different than in any other community. Statistics say that nearly 70% of the homes in the Black community are headed by females.

This creates an interesting dynamic on Fathers Day. We want to encourage fathers to accept their divine responsibility and become the men they were born to be. At the end of the event we will all take a “Pledge to Become Better Fathers.”WHAT: A “Day of Encouragement” for Black Fathers

The event is headed up by Activist Deric Muhammad and Project Forward.

Confirmed Guest Speakers and Presenters include:

* Deric Muhammad-Community Activist

* ARTHUR “SILKY SLIM” REED- Nationally Recognized Gang Expert-Baton Rouge

*Pastor E.A. Deckard -Greenhouse Int’l Church

*Minister Nuri Muhammad- Indianapolis, In.

*Kofi Taharka-National Black United Front National Chairman

*Deloyd Parker-SHAPE Community Center

*Minister Anthony Valarie-Yolanda Adams Morning Show

*Minister Robert Muhammad-Nation of Islam

 Darwin Campbell, African-American News&Issues