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By Kennedy McCoy, BTW Student


Ms. Butler knows the importance of giving back.  A graduate of Washington’s Class of 2011, she has returned to lend a helping hand to the younger eagles who are finding their way.  The Eagle’s Nest chat with her about her inspiration, challenges and goals.


Kennedy: How would you describe yourself as a teacher?

Mrs. Butler: “I would describe myself as a laid back, but stern teacher.  My goal is to build a good and strong relationship with all my students, but also to make sure that they complete their assignments and turn in their work on time.”

Kennedy: When you were younger, what motivated you to finish school and strive for success?

Mrs. Butler: “When I was younger I was motivated to finish school because I had older cousins and I noticed that graduating from college and earning their degree was a great accomplishment for them.   I wanted to experience the feeling they had for myself.”

Kennedy: When did you decide to become a teacher and why did you chose this field?

Mrs. Butler: “I was definitely encouraged by some, including Dr. Phillips, to consider the field of teaching.   My mother is a retired teacher.   Teaching on the high school level was definitely out of my comfort zone; I wasn’t really used to teaching older students; it really wasn’t what I had planned, but I decided to give it a shot at Booker T Washington High.  After giving it some thought, I wanted to stretch myself and succeed at something outside of my comfort zone.”

Kennedy: Was returning to your alma mater important to you? Why?

Mrs. Butler: “Returning to my alma mater was very important to me because I wanted to give back to the school that invested so much time and effort into me.  Washington molded me into a young lady and the teacher that I am today.”

Kennedy:  How do you perceive the changes in school culture or in students from when you were a student here?

Mrs. Butler: “The school culture has changed.  The students have more of an opportunity for free dress and earning rewards for improving academically and following school rules.  That is one thing that stands out that did not happened when I was here.  It’s a positive change.”

Kennedy: What has been one thing you’ve gotten excited about since you’ve been here at Booker T Washington?

Mrs. Butler: “The one thing I have gotten excited about since I have been here at Washington is being a part of the facility and staff. The staff has welcomed me with open arms and has assisted me when I needed help.   They have truly made me feel a part of the Eagle family several times and in many situations.”

Kennedy: What strategy do you think is most effective with students who are struggling in class?

Mrs. Butler: “I plan to help the students who are struggling or missing the mark in my class by being more available and offering more help. I will also find more creative ways to help them grasp the concepts that are difficult to them, or I can assist them one on one about the subject. I will also find some fun games on the subject just for them to remember it more easily.”

Kennedy: Even though you are just beginning as a teacher, have you given any thought to the legacy you would like to leave behind?

Mrs. Butler:  “The lasting message I would want my students to embrace is to keep pushing forward even when it seems too hard- always keep going.”