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by Arielle Johnson, author of the column “Straight No Chaser”

I’m sorry to bring you another heartbreaking story; this time involving the death of a 7-year old black male child, which is all over the news and social media sites. The child’s name was Kaden Green, and he lost his life when his dad’s pregnant girlfriend shot into the car his dad was driving. It is believed she was attempting to kill him, however, details are still sketchy. The murder occurred in Greenville, Texas. What is just as horrifying as knowing the child was shot in the chest and later died, was discovering how the adults left the children. A neighborhood friend took the injured child to the hospital, while Ms. Craig, who was driving and Mr. Castillo, led the police on a 45 mile speed chase. If Ms. Craig had not run into a dead end, things may have been worse. They only detail I left out in telling this story is that Ms. Craig is 8 months pregnant.


There appears to be a bit of speculation about the cause of the argument, however, one family member told reporters, Ms. Craig and Mr. Castillo were arguing over a bottle of stolen perfume. As a result of them not being able to resolve their argument, one child is dead and his siblings are in child protective services. Ms. Craig is facing capital murder charges and Mr. Castillo is jail due to him being in violation of his parole.


Clearly these are two parents who did not deserve to have any children around them at all. Certainly just as soon as Ms. Craig gives birth to her baby in jail, her baby will be taken away from her. My mind cannot help but to wonder what thoughts were running through their minds as they attempted to evade the police. Where in the hell were they going and how were they supposed to get away?


There is no doubt in my mind that Ms. Craig will be hated in jail and probably beaten by other female inmates. She made a split second decision while her boyfriend was driving off, and away from an argument to shoot into his moving car, knowing he had a car full of children as passengers. I am pretty sure the prosecution is going to seek the most severe sentencing they can get, and the fact that she shot into a car full of kids will be their main argument. And the defense…they can’t say a damn thing other than the fact that they do not want the harshest sentencing the court can give her. Ms. Craig, as described in the cbs news article, already had a long criminal record. Therefore, by killing this 7-year old boy, or even shooting at Mr. Castillo, it shows that although she was pregnant, she had no intentions of turning her life around for her unborn child.


If you look at the mugshots of Ms. Craig and Mr. Castillo, you can see they are both very attractive, which brings me to my next question. What happened in their lives that was so bad, they decided to live a life of crime, instead of working on fixing themselves?


I am sure Kaden’s mom wanted her son to spend some time with his biological dad no matter how bad his criminal record was. I just wonder if she had any idea Ms. Craig was capable of going into the type of rage she had to have been in to fire shots into a moving vehicle with kids in it.


It’s these sorts of crimes that make you think, “Hey…maybe the Eugenics movement isn’t that bad after all.” What if we could eliminate degenerative traits from humans’ genes and sterilize those who do not possess the most desirable traits or levels of intelligence? When this thought enters my mind however, I conclude, it’s not our job to control the gene pool, but rather put the time in that is necessary to make sure children have an opportunity to live rich, full lives. It only takes one bad experience to alter the course of a child’s life forever. The other thought that comes to mind is “What’s really going on with Child Protective Services? Are they helping at all?” In a couple of articles I read about this accidental homicide, there is a mention that child protective services was aware of the additional needs of the children, but reports aren’t providing full details at the moment.


We need reform of the child welfare system. These babies are falling through the cracks. Some of them are even losing their lives. These social workers are overworked and making bad decisions just to be able to say they got rid of a certain case within their workload. We have got to get to the root of the problem.