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Kyre Smith, Future Game Changer

By: Rebecca S. Jones

HOUSTON – For the second consecutive year, women of all ages, religions, cultures and economic backgrounds convoluted in peace and harmony, around the world to join in on the Women’s March 2018. On January 21, 2017, the march was initiated following the inauguration of President Donald Trump, with over 4 million attendees worldwide. Trusting in their intuition, many who felt they were getting a bad deal out of Donald Trump assuming the White House, returned to echo the same sentiments.

Erica Chenoweth at the University of Denver estimated an attendance of between 1.6 million and 2.5 million supporters at the varied demonstrations around the nation. The New York Times,  Ainara Tiefenthaler found, “more than 200,000 protesters attended the march in New York; 600,000 attended in Los Angeles, Chicago turned out 300,000 and thousands in Washington, Philadelphia, Austin and hundreds of other cities and towns around the country…”

         Fellow women in other corners of the world also demonstrated allegiance in the cause of sisterhood and equality. Marches were held in places like, Germany, Uganda, Japan and many other regions; nearly 40 were reported in Canada alone. Globally, women stood in solidarity with American women, while drawing attention and creating platforms to address the different issues that affect their cultures.

            Factors such as: healthcare and immigration reform, women’s reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights and many other pertinent issues were at the forefront of protests. Chenoweth and Pressman of the Washington Post reported on numerous other anti-Trump rallies. Beyond the Women’s March records that, “there have been many more demonstrations speaking out against Trump and his views: the airport protests against the travel ban, the Day Without an Immigrant, the Day Without Women, the March for Science, the March for Truth, LGBTQ Pride marches, rallies to save Obamacare, protests against White supremacy (particularly against the white supremacist gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia) and demonstrations against the Republican tax plan.” Hence, the federal government shutdown that occurred Saturday morning only served to heighten the cause of the movement and raise more awareness in regards to Trump’s policies. The debate over extending legal status to illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children was one of the main elements relative to the shutdown. Organizers incorporated that message and utilized it as a rallying cry, as well.

Our publisher, Roy Douglas Malonson always says, “Your money and your vote are two of the most powerful tools that you have. Therefore you should be careful who you give them to.” Through actions many legislators and leaders of the community appeared to agree with him on some level. The most impactful message that resonated throughout the various marches was the need for women to utilize their power at the polls. After last year’s march, many women launched campaigns for public office and have already saw success. Speakers encouraged protestors to continue to seek office and support the success of Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections. To that regard, the following day another rally was held in Las Vegas with the theme, Power to the Polls. Thousands were present as organizers promoted the national voter registration tour, which is an effort to register a million new voters.

Another headline of many protests was sexual harassment. Last year exposed a wide docket of high ranking scandals of sexual misconduct involving men in power. Women are angry and they are speaking out about it. The attempts to defund and curtail Planned Parenthood by Republicans and Donald Trump, was also top agenda amid protestors. In essence, many women were gathered around the world to say – they are tired of getting a raw deal out of government. But, at the end of the day if we can’t count on anything else, we can count on POTUS to be POTUS. True to form, Donald Trump seized the day to embellish in himself by boasting on “unprecedented economic success and wealth creation” within his year in office.