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I love the game of baseball. I played baseball from the age of 4 until I was 17. I stopped playing because I fell out of love with the game. My years of playing in high school we only won three games, but no matter what our record was I played hard and tried to win. I didn’t see that in my teammates, we would lose and they would be laughing like we just won. That made me very upset because I hate to lose, losing made me lose my passion form the game. I still today regret not staying with the game. I started coaching baseball and that put the fire and desire back in me to play the game, but I knew I could never play the game again like I did as a kid.

Baseball is the highest paid sport in the country, but there are only 61 black players in the game. Let’s do the math there are 32 teams with 25 players on the active roster, so that makes 800 players. Out of 800 players there are only 61 American born black players, that’s a problem.

I can remember growing up and most of the best players was black, but today I bet the average person couldn’t name one black person in the league without going to Google. I never thought in today’s time that I would meet a person who had the same amount of passion I had about baseball, until I met Coach Larry Davis. He is the coach of the Lincoln city Rays, who has been coaching baseball for 60 years in Lincoln City Park. He also coached for the boys and girls club of Houston and Doss park just to name a few. He won 6 championships through the years but his passion runs deeper than that. What he really wants to do is to bring baseball back. We talked about how in the 80s and 90s you could find kids playing baseball at any park or any field. You would see them playing without gloves, baseball, or bats, all they had was a broken broom handle and tennis balls and whatever they could find to use as base. That was love for the game! how can we get that back. It starts with getting the passion back, we have to reintroduce the the sport back into the inner city youths.

I was introduced to the game of baseball by my uncle Timothy Smith he taught me the basic things I needed to know about the game. After interviewing Larry Davis I learned that he and my uncle had been working together teaching and coaching baseball together at Lincoln city park for a few years together. By talking to the two of them they want the same thing I want “To bring baseball back to the inner city”.

But in order to do that it takes our community “The Black Community”. We need volunteers to help coach and work with the kids, we need sponsors willing to help out in ways they can. Coach Larry Davis and Timothy Smith has formed a non-profit organization together called, Houston Volunteers for youth development. There is nothing that can be done without volunteers who are committed to helping these kids. As of today, Timothy Smith, Larry Davis and myself are committed to organizing a tournament for the inner city neighborhoods of Fifth Ward, Southpark, Third ward, Acres Homes, Studewood, Sunnyside,Greenspoint, Trinity Garden, Homestead Area and South Union.

If you would like to volunteer to help, or you want to sponsor a team please call Coach Larry Davis at 281-537-0964 or email Timothy Smith at:, or me Jermaine Hayter at .

We are very committed to getting the ball rolling on these kids and getting baseball back into the inner city. Once again volunteers are very important to get it going and commitment is greatly needed.

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