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Mark Spivey
Mark Spivey

Rising from the inner city ‘hoods of Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Ben Carson is the epitome of perseverance and success. One of the world’s most gifted neurosurgeons, Dr. Carson is highly decorated, earning over 50 honorary doctorate degrees as well as sitting on the boards of business and educational institutions. His poor up-bringing and a hard-working, no-nonsense single mother helped shape his intellectual fortitude and desire to pursue his dream in becoming a medical doctor. Young Ben had a built-in tenacity to overcome his childhood indiscretions and intense anger issues and evolve into a driven intellectual who was head and shoulders above his peers in his field of study in the medical profession. Simply put, Dr. Ben Carson is one of a kind.

One would think that this man, who made a name for himself by saving the lives of hundreds of people, including conjoined twins, would be an ideal fit for consideration as the Republican Party nominee as President of the United States. He’s not your conventional type of politician. As a matter of fact, he feels that he’s no politician at all. He bolsters that claim by stating: “I don’t want to be a politician because politicians do what is politically expedient. I want to do what’s right.” Political polls show him trailing the unflappable Donald Trump in second place by double-digit percentage points in a crowded field of GOP presidential wannabes. Personally, I feel that the “good doctor” should throw in the towel RIGH NOW because I don’t believe that the Republicans would ever nominate an African-American for POTUS. Here are my ten reasons why:

10. In a group of GOP hopefuls like Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Bobby Jindal, Dr. Carson is just too, damn smart to be the nominee. Republicans don’t nominate people who actually use their brains. (See George W. Bush)

9. Dr. Carson is too calm. His party likes people with loud mouths, fiery personas, and the innate ability to say something stupid at every press conference. Ben ain’t the one.

8. His anger management issues as a kid (he once stabbed one of his childhood buddies) will be used against him if the polls show him leading in October, 2016. Yes, the GOP has a way of going waaaaaay back and digging up dirt on you even when you were a kid. (See President Obama)

7. Dr. Carson is the type of candidate who thinks before he speaks. The only way people know how smart or dumb you are is when you open your mouth. (See Trump, Cruz, Perry, Bush)

6. Having been a person whose passion is saving lives, Dr. Carson does not appear to be the type of Republican who believes in “Social Darwinism”. The “survival of the fittest” shouldn’t apply to the old, indigent, mentally-challenged/ill, or poor people. In other words, I don’t believe that Dr. Carson would sit back and withhold life-saving, affordable medical insurance from hard-working Americans. Those GOP candidates who have vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, will.

5. White America is not ready for another African-American in the White House. Period.

4. Sooner or later, ignorant-ass Donald Trump will have the audacity to say that.

3. History is against him. To my knowledge, there has never been a medical doctor elected President.

2. Fox News would find a way to discredit every good thing he has done in order to get one of their “BOYS” into the White House. Doc, it doesn’t matter if you were a guest commentator or not, all you are to Fox is a soundbite. They don’t respect you any more than they did Sandra Bland. If you don’t believe me, just wait and see.

1. And, the main reason the Republican Party will NEVER nominate Dr. Ben Carson for POTUS is because he’s too good of a man to be African-American to them. Now, if he were White….

God bless, goodnight, and keep yo families together.